Friday, November 29, 2013

This past week via Instagram

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & friends. We had a very nice Thanksgiving with my husband's family yesterday.

Today, I am linking up my week of Instagram posts. I was really hoping to have my post ready for my Advent calendar, but I had a painting FAIL and am starting over tonight on painting. Once I finish painting, I can hopefully put the wire on tomorrow and get MOVING! Sorry for the delay...

Most of this week's posts were VIA inspiration from Rhonna Farrer - 10 day Photo Challenge to finding your muchness. Each day had their own theme.

Day 1 - My Happy Place

Day 2 - A Food you are eating to show you appreciate you

Day 3 - Sparkle- How you choose to surround yourself  with light
Day 4 - I was lazy & Skipped :( oops.

Day 5 - Look at me- How are you going to shine today?

Day 6 -  Humor- What made you laugh today?

Day 7 - Me Time

Day 8 - Love - What do you love?

Day 9 - Creativity- Share your creativity

Day 10 - Light- It's everywhere--My children's smiles & goofiness!
Other Instagram photos of the week... 
It's the little things. They are so adorable together sometimes 
My latest Pinterest inspired project: Ruler for the wall to measure the children!

My "Inspiration" for my Blog name
My lucky boy had a date afternoon with Grandma & went to see Aladdin at the Children's Theater
Daddy's little future hunter - She loves to be with the boys!

My son's Thanksgiving treats for school- Adorable, but a lot of work!

What I wore-Wednesday (Linked up with The Pleated Poppy)!

Reminder to be grateful for each day

My adorable kids & husband on Thanksgiving day!

I Love my Tribe! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading! I would love to have you Follow me on Instagram!

Choose Happy!

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