Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I am making, thinking, wanting....

I liked this post idea when I saw it last year and I saw something similar this week on the Daybook blog.

Making: some cute garland with green & white string and pom poms!
Cooking: Grilled cheese on the stove top!
 Drinking: Trader Joe's Pear Cider
Reading: My pile of magazines that I haven’t gotten to… People Stylewatch, Parenting, Redbook, Real Simple
Wanting: a piece of Red Velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory! Mmmm
Looking: at our Beautiful Christmas Tree!
Sewing: My garland & some fun Christmas gifts!
Wishing: I had 4WD or a truck for driving on our snowy roads
Enjoying: seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes about Christmas & Santa.
Waiting: for my sinus cold & cough to go away.
Liking: to wear warm comfy sweat pants & sweat shirts with thick socks at night
Loving: watching my kids hug & kiss each other and tell one another that they love each other.                                                                                                                                      Missing: My husband tonight
Hoping: I am teaching my kids enough about how to be good others
Needing: To get back in gear- Exercise more & eat healthier!
Smelling: My Winter Wonderland scent in my Scentsy warmer
Wearing: my work clothes…haven’t taken the time to get comfy yet
Following: my favorite bloggers & their beautiful Christmas posts: Jones Design Company, The House of SmithsIHeart Organizing, the list goes on...
Noticing: My kids are growing up too fast. I want time to slow down a little.
Knowing: that I love my kids more than anything.
Thinking: about driving to work in this snow… ICK
Feeling: Merry. I love Christmas decorating.  yet, Tired because of my cold.
Bookmarking: Fun Pinterest ideas!
Opening: totes & boxes of Christmas decorations
Feeling: warm & cozy in our house while it is cold & snowy outside                                     Learning: How this whole blogging world works & super excited to take the Jones Design blog class! Hubby is buying it for me for my birthday on December 23rd! YAY me!
Sending: Thinking of You cards to dear friends
Shoveling: Snow for the 2nd night in a row 

Holding: my baby girl & rocking her before bed. She is 2 1/2, but just recently started asking me to rock her before bed. 

Hope you enjoyed a little bit about me tonight! Thanks for reading.

Choose Happy!


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