Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday - Instagram Review 2/7

Once again, 
            HAPPY FRIDAY!

Today, I am linking up with a few of my fun Instagram posts from this past week or so!

Explore the Great Outdoors! This post was part of a January photo a day challenge!

Dream - Another January photo challenge. Can you tell I am thinking about vacation? {via}

Enjoy Now - A great reminder from my Happiness Project Book Club (made with Rhonna Designs app). {via}

Waterlogue- I LOVE this new App!! I encourage you to check it out! This is from one of my favorite pictures of Lake Superior. {via}

My adorable girl from her birthday party! {via}

My goofy kiddos on the way to the Mall of America with their shades on! {via}

Enjoying the rides at the Mall of America! {via} 

Love these three! Hand in hand to find the next ride!  {via}

Another great waterlogue picture- Beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's.{via}

My new bracelet from Lisa Leonard! Love it! {via}  {Check out her site HERE}

Thanks for reading a little bit of randomness on my Friday & I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! If you would like to check out more of my FUN Instagram photos, Click Here!

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