Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thinking Spring - Baby Animal's at Govin's Farm

Today was a gorgeous spring day, one of the first nice days this year! We decided to head to Govin's to visit the baby farm animals. Every year we make the trek to Govin's to see the baby sheep, goats, pigs, chicks, alpaca's, horses and of course all of their momma's too!

First, we visited the baby chicks. They are just adorable & the kids love trying to hold them. Most of the time dad has to help because they flop out of their hands too fast.

After the chicks, we headed to the baby pigs. They were squealing & didn't want to be held. The rest of the piglets were all eating from their mother.

We headed towards the sheep & baby lambs next. We watched through the viewing windows to the lambing barn. We watched 2 baby lambs being born. What an amazing view of new life. My son Collin really enjoyed watching the lambs being born & how the mothers took care of them afterwards.

They sell lamb feed for 25 cents a handful in machines. The kids love the "idea" of feeding the lambs, but get scared once they start to lick their hands. Daddy usually ends up feeding them the rest of the food! ha

The kids were able to hold lambs at a few different areas. They were so cute & soft. 

We couldn't leave Govin's without going on a pony ride!

 My adorable little Farm girl!

 Happy Spring from our family to yours!

For more information on Govin's Farm {Click Here}
Govin's has so much more to offer including Strawberry picking in the summer, Corn maze in the fall and antibiotic free & hormone free chicken & lamb all year long.

Thank you for checking in & learning more about our fun day visiting the baby farm animals!

Do you visit baby farm animals in a town near you?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. I love spring on the farm - new life everywhere!

    1. I know Kendra. It was amazing to watch the Lambs giving birth. It is so easy to forget how precious new life is.


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