Monday, April 21, 2014

Currently {vol 6}

Currently {Vol. 6}

 I have recently started reading A Mama Collective and just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. So, I am joining in the fun with her Currently series!

Thinking about:What I want to wear for my cousins wedding in late June. He asked me to be the cross bearer {to carry up the cross in front of the processional}, so I want something really nice to wear. It will be a very fancy wedding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Tonight, I found this lace cap sleeve dress on the David's Bridal website and JCPenney's website, under their cocktail dress section. I think I should probably try it on first & look around for deals. I am looking for simple & classic, yet beautiful. I also need comfortable shoes that I can dance the night away!

Also thinking about our family vacation plans for this summer! Tonight, I am booking our campsites and hotel reservations for our trip to Lake Superior & the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota in late July. I can't wait!!!!!

Reading: Emails, Instagram & Facebook posts, does that count? I haven't made time to read lately... But I am planning to this weekend on my GIRLS trip!!

Listening to: Basketball on ESPN. When the news, cartoons or Disney movies are not on;  ESPN is definitely on.

Watching: My children enjoy being outside this weekend & tonight. They are just loving this beautiful spring weather & so am I. It has definitely made a big improvement on all of our moods. We love to be outside! HAPPY SPRING!

Thankful for:  Thankful for our amazing families. We spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday with our families. Easter egg hunts, driveway chalk, easter egg dyeing, a bridal shower brunch, Easter Sunday church, and a wonderful day spent at my Aunt's house. Sometimes, I fail to remember that not everyone has such close knit families like my husband & I do. Our families are so important to us and we love spending time with them. We are very blessed.  

                                                                 {Decorating the driveway for Easter}

                                                                           {Dyeing Easter eggs in their PJ's}

                                                                      {my 2 goofy kiddos before church}
                                                      {loving my new easter dress that my mom made for me}

                                                                         {I can't get enough of this smile}

                                                                                         {Her eyes are just mesmerizing}

Tonight's post is linked up with A Mama Collective - Currently

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little bit of randomness about me!

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  1. Hasn't the weather been just amazing?! Great pics of your kids!

    1. Thank you! I am just loving every minute of it! My son was bummed he couldn't wear shorts to school again today though!haha

  2. We're greeting Spring with side walk chalk as well; almost time for a new box. And bubbles, my toddler is obsessed with bubbles!

    1. I think Mommy loves the chalk just as much as the kids do! haha

  3. Check out Nordstrom's at MOA, they have some really cute dresses. I will e-mail you a pic of my friends dress she got for her brother's wedding. It's definitely like the dress you are talking about!!!!

  4. I love this post! We have been trying to plan as much camping as possible this summer, too. We have a definite Northern Minnesota trip planned and a ton of smaller Hudson trips (do you ever get to Willow Creek? It's gorgeous!)

    1. YES! We love camping at Willow River in Hudson.

  5. Oh my husband would love to do a family camping trip! How do your kids handle it? I'm afraid my girls (4) and (1.5) would be miserable. Let me know your secrets ;) sounds like a lovely week with family. As always, thanks for linking up with us! //Mary


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