Thursday, June 26, 2014

Favorites to Follow on Instagram

Favorites to Follow on Instagram
If you hadn't noticed yet, I absolutely LOVE Instagram. It is my favorite social media outlet. I love taking photos, so Instagram & I are a perfect mix!

 I have been posting on Instagram for the last few years. I enjoy seeing photos from my friends & family, but I also love seeing photos & edits from my favorite bloggers and other Instagram members. I have learned so much & gained great ideas from my Instagram community.Whether I am looking for ideas for food, fashion, home decor, summer fun or date ideas; Instagram has it all! I love following all of the beautiful photography! I am also very thankful for all of the inspiration I receive everyday from these amazing women!

Here is small list of some of my favorite's on Instagram:
 Click on links above or below images to follow these wonderful ladies on Instagram as well!

                                      @amamacollective                    @rhonnafarrer
                                               @emilyjdc                              @carolinegshop

                                       @loveoffamilyandhome            @underthesycamore

                                             @alissamcircle                       @iheartorganizing


                                             @thepleatedpoppy                     @happsters
                                               @houseofrose                       @hilaryrushford

                                              @houseofsmiths                     @younghouselove
                                                  @lizeaton                                 @lifeingrace
I would love to have you follow me on Instagram@ becky17joe 
Thanks for stopping by!! 
Choose Happy    ~Becky


  1. So pretty, I must check them out.

    1. They are all awesome accounts!! You will love them too!

  2. I've had trouble getting into instagram (partly because my phone is sloowww) so many people love it, I think I need to use it more!

    1. Everyone is different, some love Twitter and It isn't my thing. But I would recommend giving it a try!!

  3. I love so many of these accounts! I can't wait to follow some of the new-to-me ones too! :)


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