Friday, July 25, 2014

Front Deck Refresh

Our front deck was looking a little BLAH, so I decided it needed a little inexpensive refresh. I didn't have the extra funds to start from scratch, so I used what I had and bought some paint!

We received these Adirondack chairs as a wedding gift from my husband's godparents. {they hand made them for us} My husband made the small table last summer for in between the chairs.

Before photos...

We bought Citristrip stripping gel to remove the stain. I did this by painting on the stripping gel, waiting 30 minutes for it to set and then SCRUBBING with all my might with a scrub brush to get it off. This took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Photos after dark when I was finally done scrubbing & washing.

After letting them sit to dry for a day or so, it was time to PAINT! This was another long day, I may or may not have told my husband I was never going to paint furniture again! haha   The easy part was the rolling, the hard part was using a tiny brush in between all the pieces of wood on the chair!

After photos...

YAY! They are done!

The furniture is back on the deck. I love how it turned out! It wasn't easy,  but it was worth it! It definitely added color & fun to our front deck!

 Paint Colors
Table: Dutch Boy Midnight Blue Exterior Paint (DC612)
Chairs: Dutch Boy Imperfect Pearl Exterior Paint (DC646)

This small flower pot arrangement is next to our front door. I found pots that we already had in our garage & planted my own flowers from the local nursery. 

Welcome to our home! This is our front door.

The deck isn't completely done, but this quick little refresh was a good start!  Someday, I want to add on a bigger entryway & a covered front porch. I am not sure how many YEARS it will be until that happens, so I will take baby steps for now!
Thanks for stopping by my Front Deck Refresh! Anyone tackling their deck or porch projects right now? I would LOVE to hear about it!

Have an amazing day & Choose Happy!

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