Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently {vol.33} Halloween Edition

Hello Friends! Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! We love Halloween at our house. I have been dressing up & decorating for Halloween every year since I was a little girl. My mom always made it a big deal, so that tradition has continued with my own family. 
We are blessed to have her make us gorgeous costumes as well!

Pumpkin Carving - The kids enjoyed carving pumpkins this year. Their first response to pulling out the "guts" were, "it's cold Mom"!  

Costume Time! This year the kids wore their costumes 3 times. First to my son's Halloween party, to visit grandparents and then on Halloween day for school & Trick or Treating!

My son was a Diamond Armour Minecraft guy. My mom made his costume. Everyone just loved it! His friend told his mom that he had the best costume in the whole school!

My daughter's beautiful costume was also hand crafted by Grandma. She was Princess Sophia. 

My two cuties! 

I dress up every year as well. This year I gave my mom free range to find me a costume at Goodwill. She went ALL OUT and found this dress, gloves & hair at Goodwill for 50% off. She made the sparkly snowflake cape from material at JoAnn Fabrics.  I happened to be the only adult Elsa I saw all day! ha

I attempted making spider cookie treats for my son's Halloween party at school. The directions & photos online made it look way easier than it actually was. Many of the spiders had thick or thin legs.

I made easy & simple non candy treat bags for his classmates this year. Everyone loved the mini marshmallows.

Halloween Party Treat Bags - The kids were able to make their own treat bags! They loved it!

Trick or Treat!

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? What is your favorite costume from your entire years of dressing up? I would LOVE to hear in the COMMENTS below!


  1. Goodness your mom is just awesome! Your kids probably do have the best costumes in the entire school! And, you were Elsa! I love how she found most of your costume at Goodwill! Happy Belated Halloween!

    1. Thank you Carrie :) You are too sweet!!


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