Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vintage Furnishings Style Challenge

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Holly at Chairish to create a style board based on my favorite item from a grouping that they had chosen for me. Chairish is a fabulous, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. It’s a wonderful way for design lovers to sell and purchase pre-owned pieces. Before Holly contacted me, I didn't realize this site even existed. I am loving all of the great pieces they have to offer!

I love to mix a wide variety of styles into my home & vintage is one of my FAVORITE'S!

The item that I loved the most was the  Vintage Victorian Round Mirror.
This piece is absolutely gorgeous & I know I could incorporate it into just about any room in my home.  (I am actually hoping to purchase a piece like this in the near future to spruce up my entry way/living room area)

Below you will find a style board of items that I would put together to add flare to the room without going over the top. I am one to keep things pretty simple & classic.  A few of these items are ones that I would love to try & step outside of my box!

 The rest of the items I chose from Chairish's website to add to my style board...


Blue & White Merino Wool Throw

Yellow & Grey Square Pattern Pillows


Items that I chose from Chairish's pre-selections

French Gilded Commode 

Vintage Brass Lamp

Early Brass Bronze Finish Globe


Design Elements:
Color: The colors in this room are some of my favorite's! I love combining blue's, browns & yellow tones.
Texture: I have a variety of mixed textures in this room. Smooth leather on the couch, soft merino throw, and my favorite: the gorgeous mirror with curves and lines and swirls to add to the beauty of the mirror.
Value: Price is also important when shopping for home decor & design ideas. If I am wanting a piece to last a long time, I am willing to spend more money on it. If I know I will want to change up the piece in a few years, I will try to find a good deal.
Space: I am not one to like clutter or a lot of small knick knacks. This room has simple decor pieces, yet not too much clutter. Open space is important for for the flow of the room and hosting guests.
Balance: Keeping a balance of colors, textures and light in a room are one of the most important part of design in my opinion. Having too many colors in a room can sometimes be overwhelming for for the eye and hard to relax in.
Comfort: I know comfort is not a design element to a creative designer, but for a mom with two children, comfort is important. I try to choose something that has both design & comfort all in one. Adding bold pillows or throws to our couch is how I add some pizzazz!

You can check out the Chairish website by Clicking Here! If you LOVE adding vintage flair that is EASY to style your home or office, you will LOVE their website! 

I hope you enjoyed my VERY FIRST Style board and will stop back again!


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