Friday, February 6, 2015

7 things that make me Happy

Happy Friday! Today, I am just sharing 7 things that make me Happy!  Some may be big things, some may be just the little things. But this week, these are the things that came to my mind that make me HAPPY! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

1. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Mmmm... I eat it with apple slices, grapes, crackers, burgers, red wine, you name it...I can make a pairing with it! It is Delicious. I am lucky to have a cheese factory so close to my home!

2. Cuddling in my warm quilt in my bed on cold mornings
I love my bed, it is so comfy & warm. My grandma bought us this quilt for a wedding gift 9 1/2 years ago. We use it for fall & winter because it is so comfy & warm! 

3. Saturday morning breakfast with my family 
So blessed to have a helpful little boy in my life. He is only 6, but has a heart of gold & always loves to help mom! 

4. A fresh haircut 
I feel like a new girl. Last week I had my hair cut, thinned and a demi glaze. It's amazing what a fresh haircut can do for you!

5. Dance parties in the kitchen
My kids LOVE music, I mean LOVE it. The first thing my daughter does when she turns on the Ipad is turning on the Itunes for her favorite tunes. They get that from their Dad! ha  Sometimes we have random dance parties in the kitchen while I am making dinner! It always shakes things up, especially if one of us has had a hard day!

Last nights crazy dance moves & selfies to Alien Ant Farm while dinner was cooking. 

6. Fresh flowers 
I love fresh flowers on my kitchen table, no matter what time of year it is! It always brightens up the room!

7.  Love notes from my children 
I will keep these notes forever. My son was coloring and working on random art stuff at the counter a few weeks ago. I had been doing dishes and other chores in the kitchen. He yelled to me & his sister to come to our rooms to see something. After a few minutes, I headed down there to see what he wanted to show us. He had made us both I Love You notes and taped them to our doorways for us. He was so proud of what he made. I was overjoyed and taped it to my closet door where it will stay. Love that boy!

What makes you happy? 


  1. oh my goodness. that photo of your son helping you melted my heart. what a sweet boy. i have two little guys and i pray so much that we can be close and i can be the best boy mama they need as they grow! xo

  2. Cheese and crackers are on of my favorite snacks!!

  3. How awesome! I love a cozy blanket and there is nothing like a fresh haircut! I also love making breakfast in the morning, I don't do it very often because working a midnight schedule is hard. Thanks for sharing.
    christine I

  4. What a beautiful post :) The notes from your little ones is my favorite! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  5. I love cheese, too and I always get sharp cheddar... a cheese factory by your house? How lovely! We should start a tradition of Saturday morning breakfast... I occasionally buy fresh flowers for our table, but not enough!!

  6. Your boy is too sweet! I love fresh flowers too I used to never buy them because they can be so expensive in the US but they are really cheap where I live now so they are something I love to have around to cheer us all up on dreary days! Have a great week!

  7. Those notes from your son are too sweet! My husband's grandma made us a quilt for our wedding too and it's our fall/winter quilt since it's so nice and cozy too! We also make a special breakfast every Saturday and Sunday as those are my husband and I's days off together.


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