Monday, June 29, 2015

First Recital

My baby girl had her first recital a few weeks ago & was absolutely adorable! Her group of 4 to 5  year old kids were just precious on stage. They remembered most of their routine, but the rest was made up with cuteness!

This was my first time as a dance mom also, so I was unsure of how the day would play out! We arrived 45 minutes ahead of time to finish putting her sailor costume on & attempt to put lipstick on...Mommy fail! I had to very carefully slide her dance tshirt over her costume & hair for the opening number. 

The kids enjoyed iPads, snacks & playing cards while they waited to dance on stage. 

My adorable dancer all ready for their routine!

The kids were ready to head on stage. I volunteered back stage for the morning performance! 

I love this photo of my tiny dancer! She did such a great job & looked absolutely adorable!

The first dance with the entire dance company!

The tap routine for our little sailors!

Action shot!

We enjoyed ice cream with the grandparents at Knoke's after a long day of recitals & heat! She had her favorite Pistachio ice cream! Yummm...

Even if she doesn't go out for dance next year, she had a great first year of dance & I enjoyed watching her learn something new! 

Happy Dancing!


  1. Oh my goodness pics of her are always my favorite. She always seems to be enjoying her childhood so thoroughly.

    1. She definitely is :) thank you Bethany!!

  2. I can't stand the cuteness. She is so adorable! And she looks like she had a wonderful time.

  3. Oh my goodness I can't! She is so stinkin' cute, I love it!

    P.S. Hello fellow WI blogger, nice to meet you!

  4. What a precious angel! Ya done good, mama! I attended my granddaughter's first recital last year and could hardly stand it I was so proud.


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