Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School

September 1st, how can it be? Well...it's really here, today my kids started back to school! My son started 2nd grade & my baby girl started 4k. I am still in disbelief that she can already be in school. 

Our morning actually went pretty smoothly considering daddy was out of town. I got ready quickly, got them up, made them eggs & sausage for breakfast, they got dressed, I did my daughter's hair, they brushed their teeth, got their shoes on and out the door we went to take photos before heading to daycare! 

They walked with the daycare kids to the bus stop and I waited with them for the bus to arrive. Miss A skipped and ran the whole way, she was so excited to go to school. She hopped on the bus & didn't even look back when I said Goodbye! 

^^Running to the bus^^

 ^^Cool kid- He's all ready for his first day^^

I am also thankful for an amazing daycare provider who took adorable pictures & let me give her a phone call. Miss A got off the bus at lunch time with her new friends & I talked to her for a few minutes on the phone. I think I was glowing, I was so excited to hear that my baby girl had such an amazing first day at school. I asked her what her favorite part was, and she said: " recess, snack and there is sand in my classroom!" haha   It's the little things!

^^She loved it!^^

I am so excited for both of them this year, they have wonderful teachers & I know they will both do great!

Here's to another amazing school year...let's slow time down a little...OK?


  1. That is so exciting. The only way to go to 4K in our schools is on a needs basis and since we don't qualify for that I have my youngest signed up at a local church. We go to meet the teacher tomorrow and then he starts next Tuesday. He is so excited to be on the big kids hall. LOL I didn't realize our kids are all the same age my oldest is in 2nd too. We've already been in for a quarter so I got his progress report on yesterday. I hope your son loves it as much as mine is so far. I think 2nd grade is going to be a great year.

    1. Thank you Jenny!! They are both loving it!!!!

  2. Its amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it? I love their squeaky new shoes! I can't believe this is our third week of school already here. And, kudos to you for making them a hot breakfast on a school day! We are always toasting stuff or cereal!


  3. i'm loving all the back to school posts... they make me feel like i'm such a normal mom!!! your kids are cuties and congrats on another year started!

    1. Thanks :) yes, we are just NORMAL moms!!

  4. I love the pics and the one where they are hugging is too adorable! You should definitely print and frame! :)


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