Thursday, October 8, 2015

youth football season recap

My son started his first year of youth football this year in early August. He had practice twice a week & had his first game in late August. He learned a lot those first few weeks, as most of the 2nd grade boys on his team had all played the year before. He had to catch up fast! He played Left Guard. Until my husband explained it to me, I didn't really realize what the Left Guard did. Oops! haha   He loved going to practice with all of his friends, doing drills and learning more about the game of football. We are lucky to have such a great program in our community!

The first few weeks of practice were funny to watch, all these little guys running around the field with huge helmets! 

They won their first game. They played hard & had fun! The other team thought our boys were huge! ha

My tough boy #61

At his second game, I was in Utah at the #doterraalive convention, so I had to rely on dad to take photos!!

Family picture after his third game! So proud of him. He played hard! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. 

I finally brought my DSLR camera to the last game of the season! Oops.  


I loved taking some action shots of the boys!

Let's do this!

We ended the season undefeated! They were so excited! 

A short video of a game earlier in the season! They are a hoot to watch. 

We had a great year watching youth football. I am happy that he loved playing & made great friends. That is all that matters!  I hope you enjoyed my football recap as much as I did!

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