Thursday, February 4, 2016

Family Photos

Just to give you fair warning, you are about to see an obnoxious amount of family photos for one blog post! ha  Every single one of the photos turned out beautifully! It has been a long time since we had professional family photos taken. I always have nice pictures taken of the kids, but rarely of all of us. It was time for beautiful new photos in our house!  Andrea was so sweet and did such an incredible job even though it was 30* and the kids were freezing cold.  

I can't wait to pick out my favorites to enlarge for a gallery wall, but I have no idea how I am actually going to do that!

Want to see my favorites? 

I am so blessed to have two beautiful healthy children. I love this photo of us laughing together! 

My gorgeous girl! Her eyelashes are perfect!

Love these two. They are growing up so fast!

I love laughing with them! 

Our little model!

Those eyes! 

It was so much fun capturing these moments together as a family. I am so excited to put them up on the wall! Thank you so much Andrea for capturing such beautiful photos of our family; they will be treasured forever!


  1. I love these Becky!! You have such a beautiful family

  2. What beautiful photos! I just love, love, love your daughters outfit/colors she is wearing! I have been thinking about getting photos taken of us when we go on vacation this summer. I need to find someone, though...



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