About Me

Hi & Welcome to Choose Happy!

My name is Becky.  I am a 30 something wife, mom to 2 beautiful children, Communications Coordinator by day and blogger by night! 

I started blogging in October 2013. I had been wanting to start a blog for years and was waiting for that PERFECT moment. That moment never came...well so I thought. I thought I should have it perfectly designed, lists of blog posts all written out, sponsors, professional photos. Well, with a little faith and some amazing friends, I took the leap. I was so excited to get started & each & every post has been a wonderful learning experience for me. 

I am blessed to have an amazing family that supports my love for blogging! It has been an outlet for me to be creative & express myself. 

In this blog you will find a little bit of EVERYTHING about my world from DIY projects, What I Wore, Travel, what I am Currently up to and Everything in between!

I would love to hear more from  you. You can email me by clicking on the envelope icon on your right, or messaging me on Facebook!

I am trying to live each & every day to the fullest.  My goals in life are to make people smile, enjoy life & to be HAPPY! 

Thank you so much for following my journey of Choosing Happy! Choose Happy each & every day and I look forward to hearing from you! 

 **Recently, I shared a little more about me called Hi I'm Becky 

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