Friday, October 25, 2013

Today's the day

Today's the day. I have been thinking about this day for years. Hoping, waiting, praying for the sign of when was the best time, what was the right content, who want even want to read this. So here I am...
I finally decided that no time is the right time, so I better start somewhere.
Please bear with me as I learn the ins & outs of how all this works. I have been reading my favorite blogs for years & have wished & hoped to do what they are doing and go to the wonderful conferences, etc
Enough of that, my blog name all starts with a quote I recently read on Instagram. Choose Happy! I have decided it is my new motto.
This blog will be a little bit of everything.
Travels, family, DIY projects, kids crafts, sewing and more!
I hope you enjoy learning a little about me & maybe learn something fun to try at home or a new place to travel!

Thanks for reading!
Choose Happy  ~Becky

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