Sunday, November 17, 2013

The past week via Instagram

Raises hand slowly....
My name is Becky & I am addicted to Instagram.
Instagram has been such fun app to start using! I enjoy seeing many other bloggers daily pics, as well as friends!  It's nice to see pictures of daily life & not just the professional ones (don't get me wrong, I Love beautiful professional shots)

Here are a few fun photos to describe my week... Hubby is on a 10 day out of town work stretch, so the kids & I have to find our own fun!
Last weekend, I did get to enjoy time with  hubby & the kids at a family wedding before he left. 
Monday night, game & craft night with the kids. They loved it! I spent the entire evening just playing with them, the housework was left for another time.
Happy Tuesday-I love the Rhonna Designs App! I added a fun quote from her app with a little glitter background from a fellow Instagram pal- @lindzieh

Wednesday, I got a REI outlet email & decided to check out the Snow shoes. I have been wanting them for YEARS. They had a great deal on a 2011 model...I just had to snatch them up. Happy early birthday to me!
  Thursday evening, I was tired after a long week at work & single parenting. A glass of wine & my favorite extra sharp cheese was in order!

I Try to remember to stay positive, even when it is hard to do. Single parenting is hard (even if it is only part time)

Saturday morning, the kids decided they wanted donuts from the bakery for breakfast. Little miss is very independent and decided that she would pick out her own coat & hat. This is what she chose! (I love her latest smile)

Saturday-Great girls night out! Wine tasting at Villa Bellezza! Love these girls, so thankful to have them in my life! 

My hilarious children being goofy on a Sunday night. I am truly blessed.

So there you have it... A little bit of random information about my week!

Thanks for reading!

Choose Happy!


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  2. I got in and love the posts!!!

  3. Great work! Nice, upbeat blog with so many great pictures of your happiness. I love it!


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