Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Highlights & Now What...

It is hard to believe that Christmas is done & over with. Now it's time to start packing things away and get back to normal. Well at least that's what is happening at our house.

Here are a few photo highlights from our WEEK of Christmas!
 We had Christmas functions on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Today, Sunday. Can you say BUSY?!? We definitely had a wonderful time seeing all of our families & enjoying all of the amazing food and drinks.  Now, we are ready for some normalcy and less hustle & bustle.

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Now What? 
Do you see this mess? This is actually the cleaned up version.  We are very lucky that we are fortunate enough to receive all of these amazing gifts from our families, but WOW...where are we going to put all of it? And getting the totes back out to put it all away. I enjoy decorating & having it up, but taking it down is not one of my favorite things to do.

Time to Clean up!
...and Pack it all away for next year!

This week, we will be slowly but surely organizing and getting everything put away. 2014 is almost here! 

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