Sunday, January 12, 2014

Junk Drawer Organizing


Does anyone else feel like they are in Spring Cleaning mode? Because I do!
Last week, I cleaned out my tupperware cupboard, the fridge, my pantry, the spice cupboard and now today, my Junk Drawer! I have had my junk drawer on my list for weeks...but just finally decided to do it!

Tonight's junk drawer post is just an easy way to show you that you can use containers you already have in  your home and also stop by the Target $1 section! The other containers I have are old from the Dollar Store!

This is what my Junk Drawer looked like earlier today...

This drawer contains everything but the kitchen sink. Chapstick, post its, pens, highlighters, floss sticks, screw driver, tape measure, bobby pins, phone chargers, Ipod, and the list goes on!

These are some of the fun containers I picked up yesterday in the $1 section at Target! Cute right?

This is everything OUT of the junk drawer! It is scary to see how much stuff was in there! Disaster zone.

Empty drawer...

I suggest, cleaning out your drawer completely & starting from scratch. Figure out which containers work best to fit in your drawer & then start filling. This way, you know that your containers will fit as you are working on the project!
This is what it looks like now... I LOVE IT!

This is what I am working on finding homes for. (Sometimes that home is the garbage)

This entire project took 20 minutes! Fast, easy and it looks soo much better! I love it! The pink helps brighten it up too!

 Now if only my kids &  husband will keep it this way! Ha!

Here are a few more organizing ideas from some of my favorite junk drawer pins on Pinterest!


 I Heart Organizing Blog


Thanks for reading & I hope you think about a containers you may have in your home that you can use to re-organize your junk drawer or other drawers in your home! Also, check out of your local dollar store, Target dollar section & other discount stores for great containers. Make it fun!

What does your junk drawer currently look like? Do you keep it organized or do you have to go through it every few months like I do?

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  1. I need to organize my 3 junk drawers and possibly cut it down to 1 at most! Thanks for posting this!

    1. You are welcome!!! Empty them out and start fresh!!


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