Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our Favorite Children's Books

Our Favorite Children’s Books

Children's Bookstores are a dangerous place for me... because I LOVE children's books. I loved having my mother read them to me & I Love reading them to my children. It makes my heart melt when I see my children "attempting" to read them as well!

These are some of OUR favorites: 

Madeline (You can find via)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (You can find via)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See? (You can find via)
Pete the Cat- Rocking in my School Shoes (You can find via)
Amelia Bedelia (You can find via)
Don't Be a Bully Billy (You can find via)
Farmyard Tales (You can find via)
Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type (You can find via)
Goodnight Gorilla (You can find via)

These are some of my favorite Children's books from my Childhood that I still have: 

Cat in the Hat (You can find via)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (You can find via)
Love you forever (You can find via)
Adventures of Frog & Toad (You can find via)

We have books everywhere in our house. They are in the kids bedrooms, on the nightstand, in the basement, and in the living room!


We read every night before bed, well almost every night. The kids love to pick out a pile of books and find a comfy place on the couch or recliner to read together. Some evenings, we build forts & that is their ultimate favorite place to read books. 

What are your favorites? Do you still have books from your childhood? Do you have a reading ritual with your children at home? 

Thanks for reading!

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