Monday, March 24, 2014

Currently {vol 2}

Currently {Vol. 2}

 I have recently started reading A Mama Collective and just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. So, I am joining in the fun with her Currently series!

Thinking about: My kick butt workout I just did! I have been slacking lately and needed to get back on the train. Tonight, my daughter Amelia & I did a Biggest Loser workout video!

Also thinking about how much organizing I need to do for my scrapbook weekend coming up. I have sooo many pictures, paper, scrapbook stuff...I don't even know where to begin. My goal is to get 2 years worth done for both kids and be caught up until January 2013. 

Which spring art project should we do next this week??? Making flowers out of pipe cleaners from the Target dollar section OR making chicks with paper plates and feathers. 

Reading: People Stylewatch magazine, Redbook magazine, Chapter 11 of The Happiness Project book and a few of my favorite blogs: Jones Design Company, The Pleated Poppy, and I Heart Organizing.

Listening to: ESPN in the background & the humming of my laptop while I write blog posts, go through emails & check my Facebook.

Watching: Frozen. Lots and lots of Frozen. Do you want to build a Snowman?   This is my 3 year old daughter's new favorite song.    

Also watching a lot of March Madness! Go Wisconsin!

Thankful for: My beautiful & healthy children. We have had annoying common colds for the last couple weeks, but that is just a minor annoyance compared to what so many children & families deal with on a daily basis.  

Thankful for the ability to do art projects with my kids in the evenings.  We love doing crafts at our house! The Target dollar section has wonderful items to do inexpensive art projects! $2 = 30 minutes of fun tonight!

Thankful for my beautiful daughter that loves to do dishes & fold laundry. 

Thankful for a beautiful sunny day to go snowshoeing yesterday. 

Thankful for a creative son that loves to build legos. 

I am so blessed & sometimes forget to remember all of the little blessings that God gives me every day. 

Tonight's post is linked up with A Mama Collective - Currently

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little more about me!

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  1. Okay, I just love your little gals top knot! And then there is the cute craft projects! What a fun post! I have always wanted to be "crafty" but it's not really one of my gifts but I could see the $1 bin at target working out for us. Thanks for linking up with us! //Mary

    1. Thank you Mary!! Yes, the Target Dollar section is perfect for kids craft time.


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