Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Wore - 4/23

Welcome to What I Wore!

I have been enjoying checking out one of my favorite blogs The Pleated Poppy for the last couple years while she shows off her adorable outfits each week! Now it's my turn, it makes me feel a little more accountable for what I put on before I walk out the door.  

Gorgeous Easter Sunday!
I love my new dress that my mom made for me from scratch! She pieced together a few different patterns to make what I was looking for.

Dress: Handmade by my amazingly talented mom
Sandals: Banana Republic
Pearl necklace: Borrowed from my mom

 A beautiful Wisconsin spring day!

Jeans: Old Navy Skinny jeans
Top: Made by my mom (it was a practice for making the dress above)
Scarf: Target
Flats: Target

A little chillier spring day...

Pants: Secondhand store
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Cabi (consignment sale)
Shoes: Kohls
Necklace & Earrings: Target 

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  1. I love the test top for your dress. Makes me want to pull out the sewing machine and work on something for my sisters wedding with fall!

  2. I love that dress! Your mom is so talented! I wish I was a better sewer that I could sew clothes for myself. I can barely sew a straight line! haha

    1. Thank you Maria! I am pretty lucky :)

  3. I looove the polka scarf. So adorable!

    Stopping by from WIWW. If you have a sec, I’d love to see you on my blog and hear your thoughts on my posts:

    1. Thank you Abigail. I will def stop over! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. OMG that blue dress with the wedges!!!! I am loving it!!! Also the pink ballet flats, very jealous. They are perfect!! You are just to cute :)
    confessionsoftheperfectmom (dot) com

    1. Awww thank you Kat. I appreciate it :)


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