Friday, June 6, 2014

Nerf Themed 6th Birthday Party Highlights

 Sunday morning, it was pouring rain outside and the ditches looked like flooded rivers. I was starting to get a bit nervous for Collin's big Nerf birthday party that was supposed to begin at 11am. I ran to pick up the balloons and other last minute groceries & by the time I came back, the rain had stopped! Yay!  The rain held off until about 1:30pm, so we had an hour or so to play outside for our NERF war! 
It didn't matter if you were 3 or 53, everyone was having a great time shooting their Nerf guns at each other! When you have a Nerf gun in your hands, you feel like you are 6 again!

Let's get this party started
Obstacle time! First, shoot the cups down, next, crawl under the net, then, run through the tunnel, and finally shoot the target (which Collin made all by himself).

I made a small birthday sign with a fun printable from Etsy!

Collin's uncle Lewy made sure to bring all of his old Nerf gear!

We had safety glasses near the door as everyone came in! Safety first!

I went with "simple" for the table decor. I used some the Nerf guns that the guests would be using for the party!

The birthday boy was all ready for the party to start!

And so was his little sister! Ha

Mom & Dad were ready for battle!

Even grandma & grandpa joined in on the Nerf war!

Collin learned how to use a Nerf bow & arrow!

Let's do this!

Collin even picked the food for his party. I asked him what people might eat at a Nerf party, he said: Hotdogs, brats, chips, watermelon and Sunkist orange pop! So, that's what we did. Mom added a few salads & snacks to round out the meal. But he was happy!

The awesome Nerf cake was made by my friend's sister!


Just a few of the fun balloons we used for decor!

 Time to finish up the party with PRESENTS!

Happy 6th birthday baby boy! You are growing up so fast & mom is so proud of the boy you are becoming!

Hope you enjoyed checking out the highlights from our Nerf Themed 6th Birthday party!  

What is your favorite theme for boy's birthday parties? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading & Choose Happy!

Choose Happy

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