Monday, July 14, 2014

Currently {vol.17}

Currently {Vol. 17}

 I have been joining up with the always inspring A Mama Collective and just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. I am enjoying linking up each week with her Currently series!

Thinking about: How big my baby girl is getting! This weekend she hiked further than she usually does on our long hike!  I love all of her crazy faces!

Tonight was her 1st dentist appointment! She did great. The hygienist said she was her best patient all day! No cavities-Yay!
How can she be over 3 years old already?? My baby is growing up too fast. She is so funny & reminds me so much of myself, the good & the bad.  We had a nice evening tonight after her appointment. She helped me with chores and we watched Despicable Me 2. 
{Dad & brother were off doing boy stuff}

Reading: Stacks of articles & blog posts that I have printed over the past few months & not read. Oops 

Watching: My screensaver on my computer. I love watching all of the pictures scroll by of my babies when they were younger. Again, time is flying by too fast!

Listening to: Silence. The only sound I hear is the light hum of my laptop. My husband is working on his laptop in the living room. 
Excited about: My Summer Essentials print from Emily at Jones Design Company! I love her free printables! I just updated my frame in my bathroom from spring to summer finally!

Thankful for: Some much needed time together with my hubby this weekend. 

Friday evening, we were able to have a few hours to ourselves. We went for a scenic drive, devoured an amazing brick oven pizza & gourmet ice cream at the Stone Barn near Nelson, Wisconsin.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and headed to Afton, Minnesota for the 2014 Warrior Dash! We had a great time, despite the extra Black Diamond hills we had to crawl up!

The kids were lucky & went to the pool with grandma for the afternoon while mom & dad bought supplies for the new shed project!

Sunday morning was spent hiking at Willow River State Park in Hudson, Wisconsin with friends.

We hiked to the beautiful waterfalls.

Wishing: {Weekly Wish List for Sh*t I want to get done}
 This week: 
1. Continue to work out even though my race is done.
2. Make homemade weed killer for my flower beds.
3. Get back to reading my pile of books!
4. Make delicious salsa via The Pioneer Woman {it's amazing}

Last weeks wish list: 
1. Run- I have the Warrior Dash this weekend! Done!
2. Get my house back in order after being out of town!   Getting fridge wasn't working all day Sunday
3. Get back to reading my pile of books!  Not yet...
4. Clean up my email inbox.  Getting close...

My favorite Quote of the Day: Today, I was reminded by a fellow Instagram friend that life is short. Cherish the ones you love, live each & every day to the fullest and smile!

Tonight's post is linked up with A Mama Collective - Currently

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little bit of randomness about me!

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  1. Great photos! I loved your quote of the day and the graphic. Lately I've been thinking a lot about cherishing the ones I love. Visiting you from the Currently link-up. :-)

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you stopped by :) It has been a crazy week, I will get over to checking out the link up soon!

  2. No cavities is great! Sitting through the appointment is even better. My son is almost 5 and he allowed the dentist to clean his front teeth at his last appointment which was better than the last 5 appointments when he didn't even open his mouth. Thankfully my girls are fine at the dentist.

    1. Thank you, I know! My kids are amazing at the dentist....thank heavens.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. What a great idea! It's these posts that will be fun to look back on a year from now to see what life was like :) The warrior dash looks like so much fun! Once baby girl arrives and I have some time to heal I can't wait to get back into running. Stopping by form the SITS Group 5 link up!

    1. Thank you! I agree, I am excited to see how much I have changed & well as the kids!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Looks like I missed a few "currently's" oops! Thanks for stopping by!!! You have a beautiful family!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love your upbeat post.
    Your children are beautiful. You've given me a great idea for much lacking Art in the Bathroom @ my home.
    Stopping by from Currently

    1. Thank you Emily!! I am so glad you stopped by and thank you for the kind words.

  6. Hi Becky! Your kids are too cute! I love that pool picture. It looks like they are having a great summer! I am also loving that print. I have never heard of that website, but I am a huge fan of printables. I can't wait to check it out! I hope you guys have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you Megan!! I love Emily @ Jones Design. She is so inspiring and has wonderful printable's. I would definitely recommend checking it out!! Thanks for stopping by :)


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