Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's Blooming in Our Back Yard

 I wanted to share some of the beautiful blooming flowers from our yard.

I have been taking photos over the last few weeks, as they have not all bloomed at the same time. They are blooming later than usual this year after the LONG winter we had here in Wisconsin.

I do not have a green thumb, I do love to plant vegetables, plants & flowers. Unfortunately, I do not know a ton about them. My mother in law on the other hand, has a complete green thumb & gorgeous gardens! Little by little each year, I have been learning to take care of them! 

This is one of my favorite's! It is a beautiful clematis that climbs up a trellis that we received as a wedding gift from my husband's aunt. She makes amazing woodwork!


This is the corner of my front porch. I am trying something different this year. I decided not to use my garden boxes & just use the pots instead.

I love Astillbes as well. All of my Astillbes have came from my mother in law's gardens when she needed to split them! I have a variety of colors including pink, purple, dark pink and white.

These are a few flowers from the side of my house. Can you tell I like pink & yellow?
Top left: Balloon Flower  Top right: Lupine  Bottom left: Daylily    Bottom Right: Spirea

This dark purple clematis climbs around an old wagon wheel. You can barely see the wagon wheel now that it has bloomed. The bottom left picture was from my lilac bush a month ago and the far right is from a flowering tree behind my home.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoying my flowers!

What are your favorite flowers in your garden? 

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