Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Family Photos

Fall Family Photos

This past weekend, a good friend of ours took our pictures at a beautiful spot near our home. I wanted a few pictures for our Christmas cards & also contemplated a few new pictures for our living room wall. I was very concerned the week before about what we were going to wear, shoes, etc... I kept pulling clothes out of our closets to put next to each other to see what might look good together. Finally on Sunday when we put our outfits on, I realized it actually came together quite nicely. I love how the photos turned out & I am very thankful for a friend that just likes to take pictures!

This picture will definitely be on our Christmas cards!

These next two photos are my absolute favorite from the whole afternoon! 
I love these two more than anything & their smiles can light up the room.

...and a new soon to be profile picture too! Hmmm...which one to choose....

Have you taken fall photos this year? Either by yourself or with a photographer?


  1. These are all really great photos! The two of your kids is a great shot, they are both bright eyed and smiling!! How did you do it?! I think the two family photos are suitable for Christmas cards, too. We just had our photos taken at the beach when on vacation this last summer, so we are using those for our Christmas cards.

    1. Awww...Thank you Carrie!!! A friend of mine took our photos by the lake in our community, So I am lucky that this didn't cost me anything! I am excited to design our cards :)


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