Thursday, January 8, 2015

Waterpark Fun

We went on a little waterpark adventure a few days before New Year's this year. This was our big gift to our children from Mom & Dad for Christmas. They were just as excited about this gift, as they were their Santa presents, so that was fun to see! They had been begging for months to go back to Great Wolf in Wisconsin Dells, WI. So, after receiving a 25% off promotion earlier this fall, we decided to book it!! 

Let's get this party started! They were so excited when we arrived to get their swimsuits on as fast as humanly possible. This photo of the two of them is hilarious, as they walked down the hotel halls with their goggles on!

Great Wolf, Are you ready for the Brunner family?

Just a small view of a 1/5 of the waterpark. It is huge! We love the Great Wolf, we have been there four times over the years. 

We didn't want to leave our hotel for dinner, so we ordered delivery of our favorite pizza in Wisconsin Dells from the Moosejaw Pizza & Brewing. It was delicious as usual!

After dinner in our room, we took a little walk around the hotel and found the ice cream shop. All four of us shared this delicious hot fudge sundae topped with plenty of whipped topping! Mmmmm

When we finished our sundae, it was time for the nightly clock tower show in the lobby. We have been here many times, but this was the most kids we have ever seen for the show. My husband took this photo from one of the balconies on the 3rd floor. 

The kids had fun at the clock tower show. It is so cute to see all the kids in their pajamas. 

Tuesday's adventures started with a trip to the shops. Collin decided it was important to spend his Christmas money on a cup that you could get free refills on pop. Not mom's idea of a good way to spend your money, but we let him do it on vacation. 

Sliding time!!! I am thankful to have brave, water loving kiddos!

My kids both have tremendous arm strength, even my 3 year old can go across the ropes!

Selfie time with my little man

One of the kids favorite places at the waterpark was in the kids hot tub! Silly kids--but it was warm!

Splashing down the waterslides, they had no fear!

We had such an amazing time at Great Wolf, the kids are already asking when we are going back! I said, "maybe, next year!"

Have you been to an indoor waterpark hotel? 
What is your favorite location?


  1. I have heard great things about this place! It looks like so much fun and seems you guys had a great time!!!

  2. I have always heard wonderful things about Great Wolf, but we have never been! What a wonderful time for your family!

  3. What a fantastic place! I so wish we had a similar place here in Australia!! Looks like so much fun. The closest we have been to a Water park resort was Paradise Resort here on the Gold Coast but that has an outdoor water play area. Have a great 2015!

  4. We are going next month, I can't wait!!! I really need to get some pics of them in the water this time, last year I was in the water with them so I didn't get water pics. We go to the one in Kansas City and usually hit the lego place and there is a train restaurant nearby that has a little lever that drops down your food. Such fun times!!

  5. We try to do a water park trip every winter, it helps break up the time between Christmas and spring! We've never done Great Wolf though, there's one here in Ohio, we might have to check it out.


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