Tuesday, June 16, 2015

7th Golden Pirate Birthday Party Highlights

Our son celebrated his 7th Golden Birthday earlier this month. He was very excited for this birthday & I was excited to plan his party. I love planning parties, but especially golden birthdays. I remember feeling let down when I had my golden birthday at age 23, so I wanted to do something really special for him.  He chose a Pirate themed party to go with the golden theme. We enjoyed searching Pinterest together to find ideas. Everything turned out great!

I went with easy & simple decorations and favors from Party City. I made signs for the stations with Microsoft Word- Easy! The kids loved putting on tattoos, playing with the gold coins & wearing plenty of gold necklaces & pirate hats!

Arghhhhhh.... my little pirate was all ready for his big party! I bought his adorable shirt on Etsy!

My friend's sister made this awesome pirate cake & delivered it too! I was so impressed with all of the details. The black & red balls were gum balls and the gold coins were edible too! 

The food... we went with EASY food too! He wanted hotdogs, chips, & olives. I said, "no problem"!  Perfect for the kids & super easy for me! I also made these mini labels with Word & taped them to red card stock. 

The kids enjoyed running around the house & the yard for a last minute treasure hunt. My husband also made a "walk the plank" with 2x4's. 

Our obligatory birthday family photo! The kids loved hamming it up with their pirate gear for photos!

Time to blow out the candles, still can't believe our birthday boy is seven years old! Where did the time go? Everyone devoured the delicious marble cake! The kids favorite part was the gum balls!

Spoiled doesn't even begin to explain this little man's birthday this year. We bought him a new mountain bike, Grma's & Grpa's went together & bought him a fly fishing rod and many many other gifts from aunts & uncles and great grandparents! He is one blessed little boy!

He was eager to get his fly rod open and head to the back yard. Grandpa was by his side to show him the ropes and how to cast for the first time. He has been practicing these last few weeks & getting better every time! He is excited to try fly fishing in the water for the first time this weekend!

This turned out to be a great birthday party for everyone, easy to host, easy to decorate
 & most importantly our birthday boy had a great time!


  1. I remember when my son first started learning how to fish! So exciting. That fish and chips made me laugh! Love it!


  2. What a cute birthday idea! The cake looks amazing!! I always love looking at the cake designs, I think it is one of my favorite parts of birthdays!

  3. This is so cute and looks so fun! I bet they loved it! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. This might be the coolest golden birthday ever!! Oh how I look forward to throwing my daughters birthday parties!!

  5. FANTASTIC!!! Love all the fun food ideas: those hot dog ships! canon balls! (my 3 year old LOVES black olives) and fish n' chips! Toooooo funny. And that cake is amazing, wish I had those skills. And your son's shirt is great. Love that. I want one :) REally great job, Mama. I bet everyone had a great time. -Misty

  6. What a fun party! Love the cake decorations, looks great.

  7. Pinned to my Party Inspiration Board. You have done a great work :).

  8. That is so adorable! So very creative and it looks like a ton of fun. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Fish & Chips was SO CLEVER! Loved how creative you are :) Happy 7th birthday to your son!

  10. That cake is amazing, everything looks so great! Looks like the birthday boy had a great time too, what a fun theme Becky!

  11. Everything looks so good!!! What a great party theme! We are doing monster trucks in our house in a couple weeks, we are in planning mode right now!

  12. Golden Pirate Birthday Party!! This sounds very interesting and cool. Well, I am thinking to organize my birthday party and I would love to add this theme in my party at event spaces. Do you have any specific suggestions for using this theme?

    1. Thanks Drew! Amazing Pirate decor at PartyCity.com and you can easily make a lot of the items yourself!

  13. Great idea! I hadn't heard of a 'golden birthday' before, but a pirate party with treasure chests and so on is really appropriate! I'll celebrate my golden birthday next year (twenty-something is all I'm saying...). A pirate party would definitely go down a storm with my buddies, and the kids of course :-)

    Robin @ The Hood Archery


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