Friday, June 12, 2015

Choose Happy by Enjoying the View

This week's #ETHANproject challenge is called ENJOY THE VIEW.  Do you ever get so caught up in your to do lists that you forget to enjoy the view? I know that I do. I am constantly juggling work, kids, sports, dance, a traveling husband and this week Vacation Bible School.  Although, half the week I was wishing that I was at home getting ready for camping, laundry done, dishes put away.... but instead I was spending time with my kids at VBS. ....And the best part, Enjoying the View. 

Watching my kids sing, dance, run, play, listen to bible stories and do art projects all relating to learning about God and being a good Christian is such an amazing thing to watch.  Thursday evening was my "a ha" moment. As we were starting the VBS program, the kids were practicing their songs for the program at the end of the evening. Watching my kids in the front of the church singing & praising God made tears stream down my face. What an amazing moment for me to see both of my kids in. In this moment, I was Enjoying the View. 
-Bible Stories, Craft time & Music 

-Rec time, craft time & bible stories

-Band, Rec time, & more bible stories

-Craft time, music, band & bible stories

Sharing our faith with our children is so important & we are so blessed to have such a wonderful community to share it with. Our Vacation Bible School welcomes all Christian faiths in our community, which is amazing because it draws such a large number of kids!  Some of the best moments each evening, are listening to the pastors, priests & deacons laugh & preach the word of the Lord to our kids in a way that is easy for them to understand!

I encourage YOU to take a moment to Choose Happy & Enjoy the View!

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  1. I've been trying harder to just stop and enjoy the moment. My daughter often notices me and wants me to join in, but I love watching from "afar" :)

  2. I reminded myself to do this very thing while watering the grass today and then again while driving - managed to keep the car on the road!! Such a great way to remind us to slow down a little in our lives. I would love to sign up for the challenge kit but I am old! No little ones around to share the activities with. Do you think it would still apply to lil old me?

  3. When I was writing my post I also thought the view is more than beauty in the obvious nature, but also right in my children! Great post!


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