Monday, June 8, 2015

Currently {vol.21}

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Eating... Delicious donuts from our local bakery to celebrate National Donut Day! Starting their day with sprinkle donuts definitely helped them Choose Happy! Did you celebrate? 

Wondering... How it's possible that he finished 1st grade already? It feels like this year just FLEW by!  I love his last day photo with the crazy hair & the tired eyes. It just shows we have been staying up too late this week & he really needs a haircut!

Loving... My hometown festival! Friday evening, we rode rides, ate corn dogs & mini donuts, listened to my cousin's perform in the talent show & stayed overnight at my parents with the kids! It was a great night!  This photo was taken from the top of the ferris wheel!

Riding... My mom's new scooter! I loved it!! It was fun zipping up and down my parents neighborhood. It's perfect for her to ride to work, I wish I could do that!

Crying... As I looked through pictures over the last 7 years to make a collage for my son's 7th Golden Birthday on Sunday. How can my baby boy be 7 already? Time is flying way too fast, I need it to slow down just a tad! I am so blessed to be this handsome boy's momma!

Celebrating... his big 7th birthday with a delicious breakfast at our favorite cafe! He chose french toast & bacon- his favorite! They even gave him a big cupcake to go!
Happy Monday, I hope you will join me!

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  1. We just had our annual festival this week too, it was so much fun! The parade was all we did but it was babies first year so the day was extra special.

  2. What a beautiful view of the fair in your town. Such a lovely idea to get an aerial view that way! Congratulations on your sweet boy having a birthday and finishing up first grade...such a momentous week for you!

  3. Love your pictures! Both my son and husband had birthdays in the past few weeks (5 days apart) so Ihad eaten somuch cake, I let donut day go :).

  4. I have a first grader too and his hair is just as crazy. He also never has matching clothes and his socks are pulled up to his knees. LOL there are just some things I'm not going to argue over and I'm going with it being his style. ;)

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you all are "currently" having a great time!! Thank you for sharing!! xx

  6. Omgsh that picture collage made my stomach drop! 2 years has already flown by and I know the next couple will, as well!! 😱

  7. We were going to get donuts on donut day, but ran out of time. Darn! Guess we will have to make up for it one day this week. Happy birthday to your son! It is going by faster and faster it seems. I can't believe I have a 4th grader. Your moms scooter looks fun!


  8. Those donuts look so good! I tried two donut shops near me and I was too late-- they were all out--- I'm STILL craving donuts!

  9. How cute!!! Your son is so cute!! Have fun celebrating his b-day!


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