Thursday, July 30, 2015

Choose Happy by Enjoying the Drive

Welcome Back--this is week 9 of the #ETHANproject challenge. This week's topic is Enjoy the Drive!  Perfect timing for this theme as we are heading up to Lake Superior for a weekend of camping!  Lake Superior is one of my FAVORITE places on earth. I have been road tripping there since I was a little girl! 
Off we go.... The car is packed to the gills!

Supporting the Children's Miracle Network with a mini blizzard at Dairy Queen! 

Getting silly ....

Gorgeous sunset ...

My best advice for Enjoying the Drive with children: 
1. Bring snacks & drinks from home. The less you have to buy on the road, the better! It will be much cheaper too!
2. Use the rest room at every stop if you have to go or not. This will help with having to make extra stops. 
3. Bring enough color books, notebooks, books so that the children have their own to use during the ride. It keeps them quiet & they use their imaginations! 
4.  Bring headphones! If they want to play Ipods or games, they can listen to their own music or noise instead of sharing it with the rest of the car!
5. Bring a trash bag or bin for garbage. Without this simple item, your car may be a disaster zone after hours of driving with children! 
6. Talk about things you see on the way. Kids learn so much by seeing things in real life instead of a book or on TV. It's amazing what your children will remember for years to come about something they saw out of their car window!

I invite you to join me in the #ETHANproject and Enjoy the Here and Now with your family and children. Simply share your pictures and story in this Facebook thread and use #ETHANproject. Oh…and while you are at it, check out some of the other creative and fun ways that #ETHANproject participants have shared the view with their children.

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  1. Bringing headphones is a biggie! I also will get little inexpensive gifts for the kids to unwrap if they are good (like dollar store stuff). Road trips are so fun!



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