Friday, July 17, 2015

Choose Happy by Enjoying the Sounds of Summer

Welcome Back--this is week 7 of the #ETHANproject challenge. This week's topic is Enjoy the Sound! 

After taking thousands of photos on vacation last week, I didn't take a single fun photo of my children this week. Instead, we just enjoyed being home again! 

Some of our favorite sounds from this week... 
//Sounds of laughter as they ran & played in the sprinkler at their grandma & grandpa's house. 

// Even more laughter as we watched the Minion movie on Tuesday night in the theater. They laughed hysterically when the Minion walked out in the thong underwear. They think the silliest things are funny!

//Silence. Again, after 10 days in the car with loud children, moments of silence when they are in bed this week have been a godsend! Some evenings, I have read, worked out, blogged or went to bed early!

//The car stereo!  We LOVE dancing in our seats & belting out the tunes on our car rides! My kids know more lyrics to songs than I do! It's also a great way to get them to quit fighting in the back seat! 

//Birds Chirping. Last night, it was cool enough to open the windows. Fresh air, birds chirping and rain was so peaceful!

// Listening to my daughter as I leaned over her shoulder, while knelt down on the floor next to her bed. She loves it when I still sing lullabies to her before bed, but last night she wanted to sing to me. "Rock a bye and good night to my dear darling Mommy, go to sleep now, go to sleep, lay your little head to rest.... Hummm Hummm Hummm....", she sang to me. I love these simple moments listening to her precious voice, even if she is fighting bed time!
I invite you to join me in the #ETHANproject and Enjoy the Here and Now with your family and children. Simply share your pictures and story in this Facebook thread and use #ETHANproject. Oh…and while you are at it, check out some of the other creative and fun ways that #ETHANproject participants have shared the view with their children.

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