Monday, July 6, 2015

Currently {vol. 25}

HI! Welcome to Currently! This post series is a great place to share what we are up to and share your post through the link up below. We can make new friends & encourage each other in this thing we call "Life". Please join me! 

This is my twenty fifth week hosting this Currently link up, please join me this week or next or the week after, or any time you can join in, I would Love to hear from you!

WOW, 25 weeks of Currently! CRAZY! Time flies when you are having fun. I have enjoyed learning about what everyone is "Currently" up to!  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  We enjoyed our 4th of July weekend in Colorado!
Loving... This adorable photo of my kids holding hands on our road trip while watching a video! I turned around at one point & saw this. I instantly had to take a photo!

Amazed... By the incredible view at my little brothers apartment in Colorado! Can I just say, Wow! and this is the cloudy version. The sunny version is even more beautiful!

Laughing... On the 4th of July, we went to the zoo & went out for a delicious dinner, but if you asked my kids what the best part of their day was, they would say: Swimming!! They are hilarious & they sure love swimming!

Breathtaking... Views of Garden of the Gods! It was a very hot day on Sunday morning, but we enjoyed hiking, watching climbers & exploring the beautiful rock formations anyways!


Devouring ... This incredible "Sin City" burger at Crave! WOW, I could not believe how delicious this burger was & how large it was. I hardly even had a few of my garlic fries because I was so stuffed from my burger!
Sorry for the shortened Currently version this week, I am writing from my Iphone on vacation!
Next week will be back to normal, I promise!
Happy Monday, I hope you will join me!
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  1. I'll be linking up tonight. I LOVE CO, I have only been there twice... but, want to go back soon! We went to CO Springs our last trip and had so much fun there. The Garden of the Gods was my favorite thing we did! I think we also did a cog rail at Pikes Peak (I think it is near CO Springs) and that was just AWESOME, there is hot donuts at the top. I totally recommend that!


    1. YAY!! Thanks Carrie :) they were out of donuts by the time we got to the front of the line!

  2. Your Colorado trip makes me want to head West!

  3. Aww, that picture of your kids is adorable. I love when siblings are sweet together like that. :) And that burger looks AMAZING!! I want some!

    1. thanks Justine and the burger was incredible

  4. your life looks amazing right now :) Your kids are just too precious and that food looks delicious. Hope you had a great fourth!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. Love Garden of the Gods. We went there last year (I think it was last year...the years are starting to blend together! Haha! We went to Pikes Peak and another spot (blanking on the name) that had this amazing waterfall. You had to walk up these metal stairs that were attached to the side of the mountain to see all of the waterfall. It was a wee bit terrifying. Enjoy the rest of your time there! :)

    1. It was gorgeous! We loved it too!! Thank you :)


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