Monday, January 25, 2016

Currently Choosing Happy {vol.2}

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Loving// my thrift store deal!! I bought these adorable ice skates for $3 at my local thrift shop. I received this amazing antique sled from my mom for my birthday. I had been wanting to find some ice skates to hang on it. They were a great deal & they are super cute too!  I need to search the thrift store more often!

Mixing// one of our favorite treats! We love making rice crispy bars at our house. My son even makes them for us himself! My great aunt told me the other day that my great grandmother used to make the best rice crispy treats. She said I must be channeling my inner Great Grma Idelle. 

Crafting// at my mom's Stampin' Up party this weekend. I haven't made time to use my stamping & scrapbooking supplies in a long time. I really enjoyed being creative again and making cards. I can't wait to get a few new things in the mail to start creating again! 

Thankful// for an amazing weekend with friends! After being sick for three weeks around Christmas & New Year's and spending less because of my job change, I had not been going out to eat or spending time with friends much. It felt sooooo good to go out for dinner & drinks with our high school friends on Saturday evening. I am so grateful for wonderful friends. 

Exploring//  in our snow shoes on Sunday. I am soooo glad that my son loves to come snowshoeing with me.  We had a great time exploring the golf course near our home on such a gorgeous day. 30 degrees in Wisconsin in late January feels incredible! I know that sounds crazy to a lot of my southern friends, but I could have stayed outside all day!

Playing// Monopoly as a family on Sunday evening.  This is the first time that we have played with money with them. Usually we have been playing without money just to get the gist of the game. My son was in his glory buying up all the property & receiving money every time we landed on them! ha  I am loving that our family is playing more games together lately!
Happy Monday!! Choose Happy & have a wonderful week!

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  1. We are loving the warmer weather also! Jr Monopoly is a favorite here, with the little ones it moves much faster.

  2. I have been wanting to get an old-time/wooden sled for decor! Love yours! I am glad you are feeling better. My family (especially my daughter) are all well and it is SO nice for a change! I hope it stays that way (knock on wood).


  3. Ditto what Carrie said! I want a sled, too. Not sure where to even begin to look in the El Paso desert! Ha! So glad you are feeling better. And glad you are continuing the Currently linkups. I will be joining in again.

  4. I was surprised and delighted to see the stampin projects featured on your post! Glad you enjoyed your creativity time with us! We enjoyed stamping with you!

  5. Great thrift shop find and you brought back memories with the rice krispy treats. My boys and I used to make them all the time. Love linking up with you.


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