Monday, January 11, 2016

Currently {vol.52}

HI! Welcome to Currently! This post series is a great place to share what we are up to and share your post through the link up below. We can make new friends & encourage each other in this thing we call "Life". Please join me! 

This is my 52nd week hosting this Currently link up, please join me this week or next or the week after, or any time you can join in, I would Love to hear from you!

Loving// this beautiful little spot in my home; it is one of my favorite's! I have always LOVED Ball jars and have decorated many areas of my home with them. I use them in my bathroom for brushes, on my kitchen counter for a vase, by my kitchen sink for hand soap and on top of my cupboards for decoration.  How do you use Ball jars?

Watching// the snow fall on this beautiful day.  It's not a Wisconsin winter without snow. I don't like to drive in at all, but we love to snowshoe, slide, and play in the beautiful fresh snow!

Playing// Apples to Apples picture edition that the kids received for Christmas from Grandma! This past Wednesday, we started a new tradition - Wednesday Family Game Night! The kids are so excited to pick the game for this week! It's a great way to have fun family time with lots of laughs!

Enjoying// a delicious bottle of Kendall-Jackson wine with a close friend. It's amazing how things change as you get older. Friday night at home in our comfy clothes with a bottle of wine & snacks was wonderful. It was nice to catch up and visit without driving somewhere!

Relaxing// in front of the television on Saturday evening.  We watched part of Minions with the kids before bed,  the Steelers vs Bengals ridiculous football game, and then watched a few episodes of season 1 - Parenthood on Netflix! It felt good to relax and not do a thing! Popcorn for supper is always a fun night at our house too!

Cheering// on the Packers! Go Pack Go! We were soooo happy for a Packer win on Sunday! Looking forward to their game on Saturday!   Who are you cheering for? 
Happy Monday!! Choose Happy & have a wonderful week!

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  1. Love that you have a Wednesday Family Game Night - such a cool idea! Do you turn off all technology? (after you have taken a photo of course tehehe).
    Have a great week Becky! Stay warm and GO Packers :)

  2. I love that 'B' and popcorn for dinner? Yes, please! I am linking up this week!


  3. I don't even know what to think of all that snow. WOWsers while I'm sure I would get used to it it just looks so crazy to me now. LOL

  4. It would really be nice to have snow right now. We had 80 degree weather for Christmas. Then for New Years the high was in the 40s. Really bipolar weather in SC. I keep forgetting you live in Wisconsin. I have family there as well and Packer Nation was in full effect. Lol...thanks for hosting. ~Lowanda

  5. We do a family game afternoon on Sunday. It's the perfect way to relax before we jump back into the craziness of the week.

  6. We do a family game afternoon on Sunday. It's the perfect way to relax before we jump back into the craziness of the week.

  7. I love the Ball jars, and the snow is so pretty!


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