Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowshoeing - My new favorite winter activity!

Snowshoeing is my NEW favorite winter activity; sliding is a close 2nd. We have had many winters with very little snow & it just isn't the same.  This past month, I have been enjoying my early birthday present - new Snowshoes!!

Women's Atlas Elektra 823 - Thanks to the REI-Outlet for a great deal! The pair I bought is no longer available, as they were a 2011 model on clearance. Click HERE for a similar model.

I celebrated my birthday with a morning of snowshoeing with my husband! 

I love the workout, but most of all, I enjoy the beautiful views & quiet nature! You would be amazed how many different muscles you use while snowshoeing. It is actually a great workout!

Another day out on the snowshoes! We are lucky enough to have a golf course near our home that I can just walk to & snowshoe!

Another Adventure 

Snowshoe Magazine is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn a little more about snowshoeing. Videos, articles, gear advice, you name's on there!! Click Here for a link to their site.  
The way snowshoes work is by distributing your weight so that you don't sink too far into the snow. This is what I love most about snowshoes, it makes it so much easier to walk through the snow without the strain.  

I'm not a pro by any means, but this is my suggested list of things you will need for your snowshoeing adventure. 
  •  A good pair of snowshoes. Check out REI-Outlet, Dicks Sporting Goods, Craigslist, and even Ebay. If you are not quite ready to buy a pair yet, local community centers usually rent them out as well!
  • Warm Winter Clothing. Not too many layers, as you will get warm from the workout!
    • Jacket
    • Snowpants
    • Mittens
    • Hat
    • Long underwear if needed
    • Breathable/Moisture wicking socks
  • Comfortable boots. I wear my winter Sorel Boots, but many of my family & friends use their hiking boots.
  • ...and Plenty of Snow!!

Thanks for reading & I Hope you will try out snowshoeing if you have the chance! 

Do any of you Snowshoe? What is your favorite part about snowshoeing?

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