Monday, February 3, 2014

Golden Birthday Party Highlights

My daughter's 3rd golden birthday party was perfect! All the decor came together, the food was wonderful and most importantly, she had an amazing time!

I tried to decorate my balloons myself with some gold spray paint. I didn't factor in that it was below freezing & the paint 'might' not stick the same. Oh well, they looked festive anyways.
Another festive decor piece that I made with gold glitter, a cardboard #3 and lots of glue! 

I made this name garland with Stampin Up banner garland, gold glitter alphabet stickers. The other garland was made with Stampin Up vellum in assorted patterns. 

Punch and glasses with festive straws

The main table was decorated with a DIY tablecloth made out of an old white sheet from a second hand store. I used old mason jars for the vases and picked up a bunch of flowers for $3 at the floral shop. Glass cake stands were stacked together for the cupcakes. 

Everyone was adorned with beautiful gold jewelry that the princess shared with them!

My baby girl got flowers from her godmother for her birthday. Her kids were sick, so they were unable to be at the party.

The royal tea party Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches on antique plates from the second hand store!

More royal sandwiches made by one of my favorite local cafes: The Dish & Spoon Cafe

 The gorgeous cupcakes a dear friend made for us!

Pin the jewel on the crown. She ended up putting the jewel on her forehead!

and you can't forget, GIFT BAGS!

 I'm Ready....
 Listening to the Happy Birthday song with her beautiful handmade paper crown!
Mmmmm good frosting!


 This is the GORGEOUS Sophia the 1st dress that my mom made without a pattern for our little princess.

Our glowing birthday girl with lots of laughs & smiles!

Love this grin!

She is glowing in the sunlight!

Thank you for reading from our family to yours!

I am very happy with how everything turned out! I was able to fulfill most of the ideas I wanted to do and improvised for the rest. We didn't end up getting a cake, but the cupcakes were just as beautiful! Using resources you have in your own home or inexpensive pieces from the local Second Hand store are always helpful & make for gorgeous decorations!

Check out my Golden Birthday party planning post to see how we came up with some of our ideas! (Click Here) 

 I hope you enjoyed my picture overload post!!

Choose Happy

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