Monday, June 2, 2014

Currently {vol.11}

Currently {Vol. 11}

 I have recently started reading A Mama Collective and just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. So, I am joining in the fun with her Currently series!

Thinking about: My Grandparents. They were recently named my hometown's Grand Marshall's for the town festival & parade. This is big recognition for all of the hard work they have done over the years for the community.   My parents are two of the most amazing, hard working, strong, faithful, loving people that I know.  They have lost 4 of their 7 children over the last 60 years and they continue to live each day and not wallow in their sorrows. My grandma continues to be creative with her quilting, needlepoint, sign making, genealogy writing and the list goes on...and my grandpa works outside on the farm everyday & fixes equipment and whatever else needs to be done. My grandparents are the 'glue' of our family. They have kept us strong in all the hard times & laughed with us in the good times. I can't thank them enough for everything that they have taught me over the years - work hard, faith in God, laugh often and love much. Our family is such a precious gift and I have realized over the years that I am SO lucky to have amazing grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles and cousins that all enjoy every moment we have together. 

Thinking about my new inspiration blog post this morning. I have all these ideas in my head of how I want to update my son's room to be a "BIG KID" room as he would call it...but need to find the time & money. 
To read this post {Click Here}

Reading: A pile of printed blog articles that I have printed over the past month that I didn't want to forget about. I have them at my  desk at work and plan to read them on my lunch breaks this week.

Watching: The evening news or morning cartoons. That is about the only TV I watch nowadays.

Listening to: The wind blow. It is windy tonight. We have been having such warm weather, tonight's windy weather felt chilly. Coming from a Wisconsin girl! Ha

Thankful for: Another wonderful weekend!

 Thursday afternoon, I had the privilege of attending Collin's kindergarten field trip to the Eau Galle Rec park & dam. It was nice to have some one on one time & see how he interacts with his teacher & classmates. That evening, we ran errands & had a kids/mom date at Culver's.

 Friday evening, we finished up some yard work & decided to go for a drive to Hudson, WI for burgers & fries at Barkers. YUM! After dinner, we took a little stroll by the river. 
We had a wonderful day on Sunday for Collin's 6th Birthday party! Everyone had a blast shooting Nerf guns all over the yard! 

Beautiful blossoms from my Lilac bush always brighten up my kitchen!

Wishing: {Weekly Wish List for Sh*t I want to get done}
 This week: 
1. Continue to workout & eat healthy. I have 26 days till my cousin's wedding and I want to look fit in my dress!
2. Meal Plan for the upcoming week with new healthy meal ideas
3.Enjoy my little man on Saturday as he is turning 6. I am still not sure how this is possible.

Last weeks wish list: 
1. WORKOUT- Yes, I did workout, just wish I would have more frequently
2. Finally, Clean my closet this weekend like I said I would the last few weeks.-YES, done!
3. Get my house clean for my son's birthday party this Sunday.-Yes, done!
{and I didn't find my diamond like I hoped, so I had to call my insurance agent}

My favorite Quote of the Day: 
                      {via my Instagram account}

Tonight's post is linked up with A Mama Collective - Currently

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little bit of randomness about me!

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  1. Loving your pictures and as always, the name of your blog!! I watch little to no TV these days too and doing whatever you have to do to keep track of all the blog posts you want to read totally sounds like me too. In my case, I usually just have 20-30 tabs open on my computer.. Lol! Have a great week, Becky!

    1. Thank you so much Sybil! I soooo appreciate repeat followers to my blog. You made my day! Have a great rest of your week as well!
      Choose Happy

  2. I really like this Currently series that you're doing! It's so fun to read! Your grandparents are precious. I only have one grandparent's been so hard for the others to pass over the years...we were all close. Oh, and we love some Nerf guns around here! #boymom :)

    1. Thank you Jessica! I love it too! I am lucky to still have 3 grandparents left. YAY for a #boymom

  3. What a fun idea for a party! I bet everyone loved it! And that picture of you and your husband cracked me his tiny gun! :)

    1. Thank you Janel! Yes, everyone loved it! haha--There were 2 guns left on the table....I gave him the little gun!

  4. Aren't lilacs amazing?? I wish they bloomed all year!

    1. YES. I love Lilacs! They smell amazing! Thanks for stopping by!!


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