Friday, July 18, 2014

Favorite Friday {Porch & Deck Edition}


Welcome to Favorite Friday! Today's Favorite Friday is a porch & deck edition.  I will be sharing some of my FAVORITE ideas for porches & decks! Thank you for joining me!

Simple colors, simple setting, yet oh so beautiful & inviting. 

 This porch is amazing! I love the ceiling fans to circulate air on warm summer nights. 

This rustic & simple porch is also a perfect spot to relax & read while being out of the sun & element. 

These chairs look heavenly! Can I go there now? 

This porch swing looks so inviting. Now, if only I could find a glass of fresh lemonade, I would be set! 

Warm & inviting back deck with a cool fireplace. This would be an awesome edition to my backyard!

This simple deck is connected to a cute cottage style home, so I am not sure if I love the cottage more or the deck!

Now this would be my kids ideal deck! Ha

Thanks for joining me for Favorite Friday! I hope you enjoyed my some of my favorite porch & deck pins! Dreamy, aren't they?

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Have a great weekend & Choose Happy!

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  1. Those are beautiful ideas! I wish I had time/money/energy/etc to make our porch beautiful like one of those. Maybe I should add it to my bucket list. ;)

    1. Thank you Gina! I love them too. I just did a quick refresh of our front deck...simple & inexpensive, it will be on the blog on Friday!! Come back and check it out. Thanks for stopping by & Have a great week!


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