Sunday, August 17, 2014

July Family Adventure {Part 2}

July Family Adventure - Part 2: A little delayed... but better late than never, right?  We have been enjoying our summer as a family, and my blog has taken a back burner lately. I promise this fall, I will get into a better schedule!   {Part 1-Read here}

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area was a wonderful part of our vacation in late July. We camped at base camp at the Sawbill Outfitters campground. They have lovely facilities and made us feel right at home. 

The kids were ALL ready to go on our adventure out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Despite the rain, we headed out in our rain gear & life jackets & were on our way!

Thank heavens for a strong husband to carry our canoe for us!

Me & the kids all set to go!

This selfie was taken on one of our portages in the rain! We had fun anyways.

One of the beautiful portages that we hiked across.

What a beautiful view. This was Alton Lake. We took a break on the portage here to have some lunch & get our fishing gear ready. We fished on this lake for about an hour (which is days in small children's terms). HA

Amelia caught a walleye! Yay! She didn't want to touch it, so she told Daddy to hold it for the picture!

I love this photo of the kids in the back of the canoe, we were just getting back in after the Alton Lake portage. 

 This is probably my favorite picture of the kids from the entire trip! They were so excited to be exploring at the Boundary Waters.

After our day trek into the Boundary Waters, we came back to the campground & decided to fish off the dock before dinner. 

This was the view from the end of the dock!

Our Boundary Waters adventure came to an end & it was time to head to Lutsen, Minnesota for more adventures!

We LOVE Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort in the summer. We bought the unlimited passes for the gondola & mountain slide. The kids had a blast!

On the top of the ski resort after our gondola ride. We have been blessed with beautiful views the entire vacation!

Our last day of vacation, we had breakfast at the beautiful Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior. The breakfast was delicious & we enjoyed walking along the beach and rocks in front of their resort. 

Our final goodbye was feeding the seagulls in Duluth by the lift bridge before heading on the long trek home. We fed them all of our leftover bread & buns.  The kids love running around & throwing the bread in the air to watch the seagulls catch it in mid-air.

Although the children had their moments of tantrums, bug bites, over-tiredness, ....all in all we had a wonderful family vacation together. The kids are already asking when we are going back to the Boundary Waters to explore even further out into the wilderness!  I love that we are making these wonderful memories together that I made with my family when I was a child. 

Thanks for reading & Choose Happy!

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  1. Great pictures! I love that your daughter didn't want to hold the fish. My daughters are the same way. They want to fish but they will only pet the fish once it's caught. Looks like a great trip!

  2. WOW! this looks breathtaking! any chance i can get to anywhere green is amazing, I'm from the desert :) How fun for your children to have some great memories as a family. Some of my best memories as a kid were our summer vacations.

  3. You have a beautiful family. This reminds me of my July family adventure at a lake in MO, only my grandkids are almost teenagers. It was a lot of fun.

  4. What an adorable family! It looks like you had a blast and made lasting memories!


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