Monday, September 8, 2014

A Tour Through Blogland

Recently, I was asked by Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom to be part of her Tour Through Blogland post. I was honored to be asked and of course, I said YES! Carrie has a lot of similar thoughts on family, DIY, fun & life. I always enjoy reading her blog. Some of my favorite posts's lately include her fun fall bucket list, her fun family zoo adventures and adorable DIY projects.  Please stop by Carrie's blog to say hello & find some fun ideas! 

Thank you Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom for the nomination!
A little about Carrie: "My name is Carrie and I am the owner of this little blog called Curly Crafty Mom. This blog started when several of my friends from Babycenter started blogs of their own. When my second child was born in 2008, I started this blog under a different name: Mama's Going to Buy Me a Mocking Bird. The reason I selected this name was because it was a song I would play and sing to Autumn when she went to bed at night. In 2013, I decided to change this blog more into a 'DIY/crafting and fashion' blog, it was time for a redesign and name change. Hence, the name Curly Crafty Mom evolved... Now, I still blog about my beautiful kids, my life, etc... but, over time I would like to share more and more DIY and crafts... along with redesigns throughout our home."

For this tour I will be answering four questions:

1) What am I working on?  We are currently working on our backyard shed together. I will be putting together a post in a few weeks from start to finish of our hard work. 

I am also planning to stencil my bathroom this month with a stencil design from Emily at Jones Design. I love her work.   

My BIG NEWS: New blog design & logo coming soon! I can't even explain how excited I am!
My next big house project will be redoing my son's entire room. I will keep you posted on all of the details!!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? I went to college for Marketing Communications. I use my creative skills & design background to help with my blog ideas & collages. I love to take photos of my children, scenery and vacation... so, photos will always be a huge part of my blog. 

3) Why do I write/create what I do?  I write & create as a creative outlet. I find it fun! I get gitty after I write a post or create a new craft or idea. I have always been creative, but writing this blog this past year has been a huge step for me in being creative again after having kids. It is so easy to get busy with the house & kids and forget to be creative.  This quote below really says it all. Creating is what excites me, where my path will go...I don't know. But I know I have found the right path to keep going!

Just like Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom said, "I hope to share with others that blogging can be such a great opportunity in sharing ideas, creativity, support and friendship."

4) How does your writing/creating process work? Right now, I am a relatively new blogger. This October will be 1 year since I have been blogging. I have been trying to figure out my niche and what I really want to do.  I have been writing about a little bit of everything. I write what comes to me and what I believe is important. My main goal in life is to be happy & help others to do the same. Live each and every day to the fullest and live life!

For my What I Wore posts, I try to plan outfits the Sunday before hand, so I am not stressing about it in the mornings. My husband or my son takes my photos before we head out for daycare &  work. Right now that is what works for us. 

For DIY projects or Decor ideas, I try to take photos over the course of a few days if possible to see when I can get the best light.

Now for my nominations!
My first nomination is Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama.   Suzanna & I met through the Sits Girls blogging group. I enjoy her posts about her adorable son, daily explorations & DIY projects & what she has learned about blogging. I look forward to continuing to follow Suzanna on her blogging journey!

Here's what Suzanna has to say: "My name is Suzanna and I blog over at One Hoolie Mama. As a bit of an explanation, I am a mom to more than a few hooligans (or “hoolies”) – five canines, one feline, one little boy and another on the way. I blog about our lives in Central Virginia and my attempts to keep up with #BabyD’s developments, trying my hand at projects around the house, and just keeping all of the balls in the air as a working mom."

My second nomination is Vanessa from Vintage Barngirl.  Vanessa is just starting to get back into her blog. I am excited for her to get those creative juices flowing again and back at her blog! Good luck Vanessa, you can do this!

Here's what Vanessa has to say:  "A little about me and Vintage Barngirl. I am a wife to my best friend for 34yrs, Mom to 3 children who are adults now, eeek, Mamaw to most wonderful lil 11yr old and furbaby mom to 11horses, 2 dogs and cat :-) We live on a 200 acre farm in Northern ILL.  I've always been a barngirl and one day I came out of the barn and realized I too had become Vintage! Its my initials too :-) I've always sewn since I can remember, back when my Mom taught me to cross stitch on pillowcases at about 5yrs old. I find my sanity in the sewing room, its there that i'm totally at peace. Ive been doing Machine Embroidery for 12yrs and test patterns for both Machine Embroidery and Handbag Designers. And most recently, I received my Beginners Sewing Teachers License from Martha Pullen and joined The Modern Quilt Guild this year. "

Thanks for stopping by my Tour Through Blogland!

Choose Happy

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  1. Thanks again for joining in with me on this! I used to work in Marketing and I think my history in it has helped a lot with blogging. I can't wait to see how the bathroom stencil project turns out, I would love to do something like that.


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