Monday, September 29, 2014

Currently {vol.28}

I have been joining up with the always inspiring Jenna at A Mama Collective and I just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. I am enjoying linking up each week with her Currently series!

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!

Thinking about: My 5 September Goals and where I am at with them. It feels like the month is getting away from me. I am a little bummed that I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked; I am hoping to finish the rest of my list in October. I am happy to say that I cleaned out my closet & my kids closets to sell or donate! I have also been shopping at the local farmers market & my in-laws garden for fresh produce to feed our family. 

Decorating: My house for fall. Slowly but surely, I am getting everything in place! Hoping to have it all finished by this weekend after we go to the Pumpkin Patch!

This is my coffee table in my living room. I found an old fall wreath in my storage room, along with a Longaberger basket I wasn't using...added some gourds & mini pumpkins and Ta Da! 

Pinning: Outfit ideas for family photos! My friend is going to hopefully take photos for us this week! (And also a new head shot for me! YAY)

Enjoying: The end of summer & beginning of fall weather. We have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible in the evenings, before it gets dark at 7pm. Last week, we took time to go to our local county park to hike & play on the playground. These are my favorite moments with my family. No distractions, enjoying nature and getting fresh air!

Looking forward to: Checking off our NEW Fall Bucket List! We will be checking off a 4 or 5 items this weekend!
{Click here to find my Fall Bucket List post & Free printable}

Thankful for: Wonderful friends at a beautiful wedding in Kansas City this weekend. We took a road trip on Saturday with a few co-workers to see another co-worker get married! It was a LONG drive, but we had a great time celebrating his special day!

My favorite Quote of the Day: Choose to be Happy! Find something positive in your life!

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Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little bit of randomness about me! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Stopping by from the linkup... :) How fun to have your family photos done this time of year! I love your palette! Reminds me that I need to make an appointment for ours so they can be done before the holidays.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Laurel! I am trying to get together clothes that we have...I know we have plenty, but I am stressing about it a little!

  2. I never seem to get everything done every month that I want to :) But, cleaning out the closets is a huge accomplishment and a lot of work, so give yourself a pat on the back for that!! Can't wait to see your family photos!

    1. Thanks Carrie. :) I am excited for family photos too. Having a hard time figuring out the clothing.


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