Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Date Day

After realizing that we had not had a date day in almost 6 months, we decided to was time to plan something!  We asked my parents to babysit & marked the calendar. 

Our date day started out at Hobby Lobby! I had never been there before, so we did a little shopping for our son's NEW Big Kid room that we are planning! We walked in the door and my mouth fell open. What an amazing place, it looks like Sam's Club for Crafters. Wow!


We bought this beautiful United States map outline for our son's room project! I am so excited to find a place for it on his walls!


We ran a few more errands that we never get to do together & had lunch at Olive Garden with a gift certificate we received for our anniversary! Win-Win!

After we had enough shopping, we drove along the beautiful St Croix River towards Pepin, Wisconsin.  We are so blessed to live near such a gorgeous area. This is photo is of Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin flows into the Mississippi River. 

A very nice woman took our photo at a wayside stop overlooking the water.

                              Can you say: Selfie?

http://www.villabellezza.com/Our first stop in Pepin, was at the  Villa Bellezza winery. I have been there several times, but never with my hubby. This was his first wine experience & he liked it! Not something he would drink all the time, but he is willing to enjoy it with me! YAY! 

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside & enjoy a glass of wine after our tastings.

Cheers to 9 years of marriage!

A delicious glass of Cotes Du Pepin Red '12

Our next stop was one of our favorite restaurants called The Harbor View. We wanted to arrive early as there is always a wait. We arrived when they opened & were told there was a 1 1/2 hour wait. So, we went for a walk & sat by the marina. Again, this is such a gorgeous area that we didn't mind soaking up the sunshine & enjoying the view.

After waiting by the lake for awhile, we came back to the restaurant to grab a glass of wine & sit on their front porch area.  The sun was shining perfectly through the beautiful fall leaves.

We are so thankful we were able to spend the day together. We missed our kids, but really needed this time together as a couple. My husband was a trooper all day even though he was battling a virus. My husband & I have been together for over 15 years and I can't wait to see what the next 15 years bring! 

Have you had a date day lately? What did you do? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. What a perfect day! I can't believe this was your first time in Hobby Lobby! There is one 5 minutes from my house and I go there once a week... it is one hour to myself I get each week :) What a beautiful area you two live in and 15 years is a long time, I wish you another 15 yrs of happiness!

    1. It was a wonderful day :) Much needed. We probably won't have one for awhile again, so we need to take them while we can!! Thank you for the well wishes, I appreciate it :)

  2. I'm glad we're not the only couple who includes things like Hobby Lobby in our date nights! ;) The last date I want on was actually not with my husband, but with one of my best friends. We tried out a restaurant before it was open to the public, and now I have to find a sitter so I can bring the hubs there!

    1. LOL! yes, Hobby Lobby, Menards, Home Depot. HAHA Thanks for stopping by Ellen!

  3. Sounds like a great date. My husband and I just went away for our 10 year anniversary. Four days to ourselves and it was wonderful!

    1. Thank you Twingle Mommy! It was a great date. Dates are much needed for busy couples & parents!


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