Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Kid Room Update
My son's room has been a slow but sure project. I have had a TON of ideas for months, as you can see my first post this fall with my ideas for his room. A few weeks ago, we painted his room. Last week, we started staining the boards for his shelving & desk, as well as figuring out the piping for his shelving as well. This is where we are at so far. 

Completed Painting mid-December  
1 wall with gray & white stripes, other 3 walls gray- PAINT: BEHR French Silver & Dutch Boy Ultra White

The start of shelving - figuring out placement

Wore my "Sunday Best" as you can see to start the 1st coat of stain

Time for a second coat of stain. This time I moved the project to my inlaws heated shop

After a couple coats of stain and MANY coats of polyurethane. The desk & shelving was ready to put up!

It turned out just the way I expected it! We used 3/4" black iron pipe from the plumbing department. My husband & I made a drawing of what we wanted it to look like, made a few measurements and off we went to Menards to pick up our materials.

The desk idea came up after we started discussing the shelving. It was an easy add on, since we were already buying piping & wood for the shelving. Now to find a chair & a few more accessories and he will be set!

Added a few of the items I had been gathering these past couple months, along with my son's books & tractors. Can't wait to add a few more pieces to complete the shelving project!

Last year, we built him a lego table out of old end table & Lego boards. Recently, I bought some bins from Target to hold all of his legos and now we have an organized little Lego station!

Thanks for checking in on our Big Kid Room progress! More to come soon, as we finish up the final details and put up the headboard that is being built by a friend!

What projects are you working on right now?


  1. Wow! It all looks GREAT! I am going to paint my daughters room sometime this month and hoping to refinish an old desk that was mine for her room, too.

  2. Looks amazing! LOVE the shelving!!! Great job! My daughter's room is getting a makeover this year too :)
    Lindi @ Love Create Celebrate

  3. Those shelves and that desk are awesome! I love the stripes too! What a fun room for the little ones! =)

  4. That is AWESOME! Love the shelves and desk. Pinning for later.

  5. I am so impressed with your skills. Anything cutting, sawing or real work I push off on my Dad. H doesn't really mind, he likes keeping himself busy now that he is retired.

  6. Wow... that looks fantastic!! I love the piping for the shelves and desk!!

  7. I love that shelving unit! Great job on that the desk and the wall stripes!!!

  8. That all looks so good! I love the pipes and wood you've used, it's so creative. The colour choices are very nice too.


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