Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I Wore 1/7

I enjoy checking out one of my favorite blogs The Pleated Poppy  every week to see all of her adorable & easy outfit ideas! Now it's my turn! By taking photos of my outfits a few days a week, it makes me feel a little more accountable for what I put on before I walk out the door.   

My first What I Wore post of 2015!

New Years Eve
Jeans: Old Navy Skinny Jeans
Sweater: Gap
Tank: Maurices
Scarf: Nordstroms
Boots: Nicole Riding Boots

Back to work on a below zero degree day!
Jeans: New York & Co
Vest: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Tank: Target
Scarf: Boutique-Oregon
Boots: Teva

The rest of the week I've been in 2 layers of sweaters and warm boots, as it is -32 degrees F with the wind chill this morning.

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  1. Every time I see that green military vest I am so sad I didn't snatch it up from ON when I could have! I love it with the brown cardi and natural colored scarf!!

  2. I love the scarf in the top pic! It's great! Our wind chill here is -15 today so I'm rockin a vest too!

  3. Its cold here too!!! But love the vet!!!

  4. I love puffy vests! Cute can be practical :)

    xx Amanda |

  5. That is so cold!! But I think that's par for the course for your neck of the woods, right? It's really cold in Ohio right now and I'm hoping that by the time we move back (we are in TX right now) that it will be done with the ridiculous temps.

  6. Ugh, its about -15 here. I can't imagine it being much colder. Love the Old Navy vest!

  7. Adorable outfits! I hate dressing for the cold lol Having grown up in FL I always tend to either be over or under dressed! Just recently I am learning to find that perfect combo but the weather has been so weird that some days I'm like oops too many clothes! haha


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