Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big Kid Room Project Update

This past weekend we made big progress on my son's "big kid room". I am in love so far...I have decided it's my new favorite room in our house. My vision for his room has finally came full circle!   

Inspiration Post for this room
Last Big Kid Room Update 

Updates made this weekend: 
1. Barn Board headboard drilled and bolted to bed frame {thankful for a handy friend that built the headboard for us}
2. Put up large galvanized tin letter C above headboard from Hobby Lobby
3. Installed an outdoor light from Menards above his desk with all of the electrical work to go with it! {thanks hubby} 
4. Decorated night stand with alarm clock & lamp that I recently painted with chalk paint. 
5. Hung arrow next to his desk from leftover barn board materials

Pencil & marker jars: Old mason jars I had laying around
Arrow print: Etsy
Corrugated Metal Letter C: Hobby Lobby
Bulletin Board: Home Goods
Quilt: Target
Lamp: Home Goods
Desk Chair: My parents basement

Updates left to finish: 
1. Stain dresser {later this spring once I can take it outside in the warmer temps}

More professional photos to come later this spring after everything is complete! For now, my iPhone pictures will have to do!

Thanks for stopping by to check in on our "Big Kid Room" project!  


  1. I love this room it I super cute! I like te rustic flair, it is perfect for a little guy! I hope he loves it!

  2. This room turned out super cute! I love the striped walls!

  3. This is such a beautiful room! I love the rustic touches!!


  4. That turned out SO nice!!! Bet he loves it.

  5. I absolutely love the headboard!! So cute!

    Xo, Alice at The Lone Star Looking Glass

  6. Love this room! Great style that can transition with

  7. I love this! We need ideas on how to make the boy's room grow with him.

  8. This is so awesome! I love the wood and industrial elements. Such a great room!

  9. Love it!!! That desk!!! Ahh, he's one luck kid!

  10. I have seen those metal letters at Hobby Lobby and I've been wanting to get one, but just have no idea where to put it... I love when they're turned inside out and people put bulbs in them, too. Your sons room looks grand, I just love it... I still really want to do a wooden headboard for my sons room now!

  11. i'm obsessed with letters. i especially love the metal letters. i have no where to put them in my house, but i really want to.


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