Monday, March 23, 2015


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Playing... Hedbanz as a family on Sunday morning before church together. We hadn't played a game together in a long time and they loved every minute. We laughed and laughed. It reminded me that I need to get out games more often to play together as a family.

Smelling... My beautiful fresh flowers that I picked up from Aldi on Sunday. I love grabbing a bouquet every time I can, because who doesn't love $3.99 flowers! Fresh flowers during the beginning of spring always brighten up the house.

Watching... The Wisconsin Badgers play in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Go Badgers! We dressed in our Wisconsin Badgers gear early that morning to support our team all day!  YAY for a WISCONSIN win! 

Wishing... I was still in the gorgeous warm weather in Florida standing in the warm salt water with sand between my toes. We had the chance to stop by Anna Maria Island on our way to Disney from Fort Myers Beach. I love Anna Maria island. Ahhhh vacation goes by way too fast! 

Thankful for... An amazing trip with our family to Florida. Although we had many meltdowns, overtired moments, lay on the ground tantrums, sibling rivalries and routine's altered, we still had a great time together & wish we were still there!  I won't tell you it was rainbows & unicorns, because that isn't real life. Even though my beautiful Instagram photos looked as though everything was perfect & magical. I just wanted to be real!.

Reminding... myself that I am not perfect, but I am still a great mom. I love my kids, I give them my all and that's what matters. What they want most of all from me is TIME. This post from Finding Joy is a great reminder about what our children actually want and need from us. Time and Love are two of the most important things we can give them!

Happy Monday, I hope you will join me!

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  1. I have Wisconsin going to the final 4, so I was really happy about their win haha. I loved seeing all your vacation photos. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. I love Finding Joy! Such a great inspiring place. We LOVE playing games. Headbanz looks like a lot of fun. Currently we are loving parcheesi and chess.

  3. This is so fun!!! I've written and shared a post for the first time! And can I say I love that you buy yourself some fresh flowers! I love having flowers in my house! Definitely worth the $5!!!!

  4. Oh, vacations and sunshine and beaches! I'm terribly jealous!

  5. Sun? Beaches? Disney? You are making my warm weather lovin' heart ache! Looks like y'all had a blast.

  6. You're so right about Instagram. I always compare myself to the other feeds I follow and then realize that's not even close to real life. I try to post the not so awesome moments to remind myself when I look back that life wasn't all Valencia filters and sweet, sleeping babies.

  7. Your trip looked amazing! And I love grabbing fresh flowers while I'm at the grocery store.

  8. The flowers look so gorgeous, and what a great price for those beauties! Glad your trip to Disney was as magical as it looked!

    xo, Alice

  9. Games are always great fun, what a good reminder to make time more often! That Wisconsin game was a good one!! Have a lovely week :-)

  10. I wouldn't mind being on a nice warm beach or at Disney right now! We're in the process of planning out our trip and my kids are too excited. Stopping by from SITS.

  11. The flowers are so so pretty. And I would love to be on a beach right now!

  12. I love keeping up with your currently posts! I am so jealous of your Disney and Florida trips! Disney is on my bucket list for this year but I'm thinking it's going to get pushed back till next year. We are Michigan State fans in our house (woohoo sweet 16!) So definitely cheering on our fellow big 10 team!

  13. I really need to pick up fresh flowers more often. And, Disney is just exhausting... so much to cram into long days, it is the perfect atmosphere for melt downs... but, it is SO fun, so that is why we are going back this summer! lol!! You had some lovely pics from your trip, it was fun seeing them pop up on IG!

  14. I love those fresh flowers! I'm so excited for spring and being able to see some fun colored flowers!

  15. I can't go into Trader Joe's without buying fresh flowers, I love how it makes my house feel!!


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