Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

Happy First Day of Spring! 

I hope it is starting to feel like spring where you live! It is definitely starting to feel like spring in Wisconsin. Our snow has melted, birds are chirping, and the temps are above freezing most of the time.

These are a few things I am excited about for Spring!

~Fresh air coming through the windows~

~Fresh flowers~

~Exercising outside~

~Wearing shoes without socks ~

What are you excited about for Spring?


  1. I am so ready for nice weather!! I am quickly getting tired of wearing boots all the time!!

  2. I'm so ready for some outdoor workouts and sock-less feet!
    Visiting from The Blogger Life :)

  3. I have been so excited to get into my Toms and Sperrys again, my most favorite and comfy shoes! I need to get off the dreadmill and do more outdoor runs soon!


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