Thursday, October 15, 2015

most happy when...

Usually when I  discuss happiness or how to choose happy on my blog posts, I am giving people ideas on how to choose happy or one of my many favorite happiness quotes. But today, I decided to get feedback from some very dear mom friends of mine that I have known for the last 8 years on my online mom's group! I absolutely LOVE hearing how each individual person identifies with their own happiness! 

Happiness is something I work for on a daily basis, it isn't always easy for me to choose happy when I am having a hard day or my children are making me crazy, but I try to get past it if I can and find happiness in some of the simplest things. 

I am excited to share with you their view's on when they are the most happy! ENJOY!

Ellie- 35, Colorado... I'm most happy when I am creating something new and learning new techniques for creating the new stuff. If life gets in the way of creating I get cranky. I'm constantly learning new stuff and applying in to things I can create. I love the learning and planning process. A successful execution is the cherry on top but the planning and learning are the most fun for me. The most I will use a pattern or plan for is inspiration and a learning block to get me where I want to go. I create with wood, fabric, thread, yarn, paint and lots of variations in a theme, purse making yes, silk ribbon embroidery, yes, they both fall under fabric along with lots of other things. 

Manda- 39, Florida ... I know I've made a difference in other people's lives. When I see my children make good decisions, I know I've made a difference. When I've helped my fellow man find hope for the future, I know I've made a difference (, when I've helped other women  find answers to their health problems, namely PMDD, I know I've made a difference. ( When I see the difference I've made in their lives is when I am most happy.


Stephanie-33, Wisconsin...I am happy when taking long drives on county highways, usually with my kids. This is when I get to spend time in a place where I feel totally comfortable and adequate just being myself. I feel a little bad that my happiest activity doesn't really involve my husband, but the experience wouldn't be so sumptuous if it included Ozzy's Boneyard or a lot of conversation. Instead I listen to the music that moves me, I share it with my kids, I fulfill a little bit of wanderlust, and I enjoy the scenery. I have a lot of self doubt that often manifests as anxiety about how others are judging me. Even sharing this paragraph makes me feel self conscious. But an hour or more away from home, driving through the farmland that just feels right in my bones to buy fresh donuts or the world's best steak and eggs with American fries- my messy house doesn't matter, my attire is always perfectly great, and I'm a good mom.

Ashley-28, Wisconsin... I'm most happy when... I can sit back and enjoy life for a minute. The biggest way this happens is seeing the rare moment that all 3 of my kids are not only getting along but playing together. I love seeing them work to make each other laugh. I'm not talking a simple giggle but rather big belly laughs. True, genuine happiness coming from them- seeing that they don't have a care or issue in the world and I can simply enjoy being in the moment. I was an only child and never had the chance to experience having a sibling. I love seeing their bond- the good bad and ugly sides. How vastly different their personalities are, yet how similar they are deep down.


Sandy-36, Louisana...I am most happy when I realize that, sometimes, I really am getting this parenting thing right. As a stay at home, homeschooling mom, my job has become my three boys. I devote a large part of myself to their education and, some days, I feel like we take for granted our time together. Days like today, when we can stop schooling for the day, and I ask the kids what they want to do. Nine times out of ten, they want to do science experiments. They definitely know the way to this biologist’s heart. As I watch them play with others, taking turns, sharing, and being kind, I realize that they do listen to lessons I teach and they just may become the kind adults I’m striving to raise. My heart swells seeing the things that I overlook while we are in the trenches of our day to day routine, such as their love of learning and the sweet, sweet hearts.  

Nicole-31, Wisconsin...I'm most happy when I get to sit down and go through the day's pictures. Yes, I'm that mom that's snapping pictures all day. Constantly telling my kids to smile and look at the camera. But i'm also that mom who sneaks quick pics without anyone knowing. I'll check on my sleeping baby and risk waking her just to get that adorable picture of her snuggling her favorite stuffed animal, that I'll cherish forever. I'm the wife who sees my husband letting our daughters "braid" his hair and I just have to whip out a camera and savor the moment. Some would say I'm living life through a lens, and that may be true. It's also true that I'll never stop. Because as I lay in bed at night and go through the pictures I've taken that day, my heart smiles. I am so full of love and joy as I see all the moments, emotions, and memories I was able to capture. That is when I'm most happy.

and finally.....

Me- 33, Wisconsin... I am having a hard time knowing where to start. There are so many different aspects of my life that make me happy. I am most happy when I do something good to help others. It gives me the biggest smile & makes me feel so good. I have realized over the years that random acts of kindness can make someone's day, someone's week, or even someone's life. I am also most happy when I spend time with my husband & my kids in the great outdoors. I love to explore & love teaching my kids about how incredible nature is!  
These are a few other times when I am the most happy...  
- When I can laugh with girlfriends and have no sense of time or urgency to be anywhere!
-Saturday morning quiet time in the living room with my kids & making breakfast together!
-I'm happiest when I have things to look forward to. I am a planner & I just love looking forward to fun plans & trips as a family. Sometimes being a planner is a blessing & a curse.

When are YOU most happy? 

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!


  1. I am most happy at this point in my life because I am doing exactly what I feel I should do in life! I find so much happiness in my travels, family, friends, writing, new ideas, eating, learning ....all kinds of things! I write so much about happiness on my website...check me out if you ever get a chance: :)

    1. That is awesome!! I love hearing this!!! I am definitely going to check out your blog!!!!!

  2. Wow, you have kept in touch with a lot of the ladies from your birth group! I have a text chat with 3 of mine from Nathan's birth board and then there is more of then in a private google group we have called 'Wine' (should be an 'h' in there, but we took it out! haha!). Anyway, our google group doesn't get nearly as many messages as it used to. This is such a great post!


  3. I am most happy when I take time out for myself and do something fun with my friends. I also love to go shopping and that makes me really happy. When I take care of my needs then I am able to take care of my family's needs, and do so with a smile on my face!

  4. I love that you integrated Happy comments into your post.

    I am most happy when I'm reading, learning, creating, doing. My mind enjoys being challenged and when I am become absolutely absorbed in a task it brings a certain kind of happiness that can't come from anywhere else.


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