Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

.Pumpkin Carving.
Every year our kids beg and plead as to when we are going to carve pumpkins!! I like to wait until 1 week before Halloween so the pumpkins don't get icky before it's even time for the big day! My son was the first one to go outside to pick which pumpkin he was going to carve! 

Cleaning out pumpkins is apparently hard work, he was trying really hard to get out all the pumpkin slime & seeds!

She was excited about her pumpkin as well, well until the neighbor girl showed up and wanted to play. So she helped for a bit and then played for a bit, then helped some more! haha

The look in her eyes is priceless, she is telling me without words: this is gross! 

After he gutted his pumpkin, he started his Jackolantern drawing. 

Mom & Dad helped with the carving, but he was so proud of his pumpkin creation!

Mom's creation! I went with EASY- triangle eyes & big toothy grin! We carved pumpkins after a 2 hour family nap, I look a bit sleepy! 

All of our pumpkins on our front steps!

Oooohhhh...... scary! All lit up and ready for Halloween night. 

Did you carve pumpkins this year? What did your pumpkin look like?

Have a safe & Happy Halloween!!

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  1. So perfect! Agh, I feel so behind this year... we haven't even gotten our pumpkins yet! OOPS!!



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